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Attn: Cy Wilson (Mag-10/Soy question)

Okay, I’ve got a question for you regarding the article you wrote on the evils of soy. You mentioned that one of the isoflavones found in soy protein could interfere with your body’s ability to use 4-AD.

Here’s the issue, my brother is about to start a Mag-10 cycle. He is allergic to milk and dairy and thus cannot find any sort of protein suppliment that he can use, with the exception of soy.

Generally he doesn’t use the stuff but gets his protein from animal sources. However for the cycle of Mag-10 he’s supposed to consume 400g of protein per day.

His original plan was to consume 300g through food and the other 100g through a soy suppliment. He’s been killing himself trying to get enough food in and his break schedule at work limits how often he can eat.

My question is this:

Will taking the soy protein adversely affect the effectiveness of the Mag-10?
If so which would be better, taking the soy to get the 400g of protein or living on 300g of protein?



ps. I suppose I should mention that he’s got an LBM of approximately 160 lbs.

How about egg white powders? They’re quickly digested and probably wouldn’t cause him problems.

Nope, egg product of any sort is death in a bottle. . . or can, or tub or whatever else the come in. But thanks for the idea, they’re all welcome. It would be great if someone could come up with something we’d missed.


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Sturat, check out sourcing some goat whey. People who have an intollerance to cow whey and dairy are many times able to eat goat milk, whey, yogurt and cheese.

In fact, if you wanted to test it out, just hit a health food store and get some goat milk, yogurt or cheese and see how your friend responds. Obviously start with smaller amounts. If your friend does well, THEN you could source some goat whey. It’s available on the 'Net, just a bit of a specialty/novelty type of product.

I hope it works for your friend!!!

you could also check out rice protein–it isn’t whey, but it isn’t soy, either–fairly cheap, too

you might need to supplement with any amino acids that are lacking/low in the rice powder