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Attn CT: Delayed Effect?

In CT’s OVT article, he mentions that:

“A complete cycle of OVT lasts eight weeks, after which you should engage in an easier form of training for one to two weeks to allow for the maximal delayed effect.”

Can CT or someone elaborate on what the delayed effect is?


Delayed effects refer to the adaptations that occur after the cessation of a certain stimulus, once the body has time to rest.

For example, an OVT routine is EXTREME… it places a tremendous amount of physiological stress on your body. As a result, after an initial period of growth, the demands of the program are too intense for the body’s capacity to immediately recover and adapt. At that point gains seems to stop. However, once you drastically reduce training volume there is a rebound effect … the body now has the ability to recover, adapt and GROW. As a result, in the following 2-3 weeks after the completion of an OVT program you have a period of fast muscle growth that is due not to your new program but rather to the earlier stimulation provided by OVT. Of course this is true only IF a lower volume routine is used after OVT.

This is the whole basis for the peaking process used by athletes, who taper down their training volume 2-3 weeks before an important contest.

Thanks! That explains a lot, and helps me to adjust my program schedule better.

I have a suggestion for an upcoming article. I have seen several great articles and programs for the micro-cycle (4 - 12 week), but I haven’t seen anything that helps me plan my macro-cycle, or my year. I think a great article would be to cover the various stages of a year, (or whatever the bigger cycle is), like when to focus on strength, endurance, fat loss, and bulking, how long to work each smaller cycle, and how to transition from one program to another without negating the maximal effects, as you have detailed here.

Thanks for the great information.

I agree, I think there are quite a few programs that say you should do them for twelve weeks but then what? An article explaining how we can link some together, get proper rest throughout the year, etc. would be great.