Attn: Coach Davies

Hey Coach…I hope you are loving this football season as much as I am. Too bad my Titans can’t seem to get it going. I digress, I was wondering as to what type of calf training routine the guys are doing. I attended the Titans vs. Bucs game this weekend and was amazed at the leg mass of these players, especially their calves. I have noticed that occasionally on Monday Night Football they have been showing an insight on some of the players training. I have seen Archuletta (sp?), the strong safety, from St. Louis. I am a wide receiver and need to add some mass and would like to get quick and more explosive. I want to maximize my athletic ability without negating gaining mass. (Need around 20lbs) Do you have a book written on the subject matter? Would you or anyone else recommend a certain book to me? A special thanks to you and anyone else who responds to this question. God Bless America and Our Leaders.

Nice to hear from you. Do you live in the Nashville area? I am only wondering because I run a large series of speed clinics there each spring / summer that was attended by hundreds of high school and collegiate players. It is a great city and one of my favorite stops in the country. Regarding calf development, you will find the majority of that work done related to speed / agility training areas and not typically like that of a body builder. You get tremendous calf work from skipping drills, rope skipping, agility ladder and plyo’s, not to mention many of the explosive Olympic lifts. If your wish to is to maximize your agility and explosive power on the field and are looking for a specific training program you can reach me personally through my web site (you will also find a number of references in the mag of my email address). Of course regardless of you wish to buy a program or not, I am always willing to answer any of your questions on this forum and it is an honor to help. In faith, Coach Davies

Hey Coach. I do live in the Nashville area and plan to visit your site and for sure visit your camp this summer. I respect you and your work, you are one of the nicer guys in the business and I am sure I am not the only who appreciates it. I am going to check into buying your program. Thanks for the response. God Bless America and Our Leaders.