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Attn: Chris Shugart

I’ve been re-reading the articles you wrote on alpha-stim some time ago. I also have all of the company information which was sent to me. Well, I finally ordered one and it’s on it’s way.

I was just wondering if you still use it and what you think of the effects…now that it has been some time. I would greatly appreciate any response or thoughts you may have. Thank you.


I haven’t used the Alpha-Stim in a while, just got out of the habit, but I still think it’s a useful device. The science behind microcurrent is fascinating. I’d still recommend it, though I wouldn’t suggest paying that much for the “body” model unless you’re in a business where you’d use it weekly.

After reading Chris’ article last year and I bought the Stim as well. Highly recommend it, my initial results were the same as Chris’. I stopped using it for awhile as well, but started back up again (using it now, in fact) recently.

It works well, but you might have to play around with it a bit after a month or so to find the best time to get the best effects.

For example, initially after using it I’d feel energetic but when I started up again, I’d get sleepy so I use it before I hit the sack.

Any other questions, feel free to PM me.