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Attn: Charles Staley, A Q For You


Hi Charles,

I'm using and getting great results with your latest MST ptogram. I'm approaching week 5 now.

How long do you recommend using the same exercises for on the EDT powerlifting and EDT bodybuilding days?


Hey Breakdown. I'd esentially use the same exercises as long as you can, and maybe ensure adequate variety by regularly modifying the loading parameters.

In addition to this, you can slightly modify the exercise instead of outright abandoning it. Ex: you can do cleans 3-4 days a week, using a different workout every day: squat cleans, power cleans, hang cleans, strongman log cleans, clean pulls, clean pulls from the hang, kettlebell cleans, the list is endless. Hope that helps!


What Mst program are you talking about?


Sorry for my mistake. It should be MSST. It was in a recent article by CS:


It involves a powerlifting day, an olympic lifting day, a bodybuilding day and a strongman day and a lot of freedom of choice. It's great fun and I'm making great progress.

I keep on setting new PRs in the Strongman every week at the moment although I'm sure that my progress must slow down soon. It's my first time using EDT too, which is unlike any other gym experience I've ever had in terms of feeling exhausted.

I've been a CW man since I found T-Nation but I've got a soft spot for CS too now lol!