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Attn:C.Thibaudeau-Behind the Iron Curtain article question

loved the article in this weeks issue-tried e-mailing you but got sent back saying wrong e-mail addy…here is the readers digest version of my question-would be doing the sixteen workouts leading into a major comp this spring(april of 2003) how long before the comp should I end workout #16(the sport I compete in is Scottish Highland Games or The Highland Heptathalon-7 events stone toss,weight for distance,hammers,wob,and yes the caber or what everyone else calls it-those guys wearing skirts throwing the telephone poll) I figured on days off(you said to do the cycle with a day rest) I would work on throwing and technique but would end w/out #16 on Mon-5 days out then 4 & 3 days out some moderate throws/plyos with some light sled walking 90lbs for trips of 100 feet/X 4 trips-what do you think???please publish your e-mail…thanks a loyal Olympic lifting member of T -Nation

End the 16 sessions 7 days out. 5 days out do a short workout: power clean only 5 x 2 @ 90%

3 days out you do a short workout: power snatch only 5 x 2 @ 90% and final events practice.

2 days out perform some very light sled walking, get a whole body massage and take a 15 minutes ice bath.

1 day out take a 15 minutes ice bath an have yourself a huge meal (supper)… something you dream about, treat yourself to your favourite

Thanks for the advice and quick response-will let you know in April when I win my claymore battle sword.dapper