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Attn: Bill Roberts

Bill, I have been using Biotest products for the past 9 months and I have noticed some incredible gains in strength and athletic performance. Over the past 9 months, I have tried 2 Mag-10 cycles, and I have done an 8 week cycle of 4AD EC. I am competetive runner and I train very consistantly and I record all of my resluts on a daily basis for review. I am also a personal trainer and I try all of the products before I recommend them to my clientel, so I love these products. I would love to try the Methoxy 7 with the 4AD EC. I know what resluts I received from the 4AD EC alone so this would be a great test. Please include me in your testing for Methoxy 7. Thanks again!

Thanks, Jason! From what I was told, the webpage for registration will be put up shortly. As with the MAG-10 test, there will
also be an effort to especially try to include Forum participants that expressed interest, so I’ll make sure to remember your post. Again, thanks!

Bill I’ll give you my sisters number if you include me!

Hey Bill, I’ll give you my wife’s number if you choose me!! Wait a sec, did I just say that?

One sister? Shit, I can beat that! Bill, I’ll set you up with five Japanese women - and even translate the sweet nothings that they whisper in your ear. Uh, that is, if you want me in the room with you…

Don’t make me throw in my tim patterson autographed underwear!

Just wanted to throw my name into the test group for methoxy-7. I tried it once this summer but couldn’t afford to stay on it long enough to see results. I would be very interested to try it again.

Count me in. I will do whatever it takes to ear the privelege of free methoxy-7.

Yeah well, I’ll throw in John Berardi…uh I mean… He’ll vouch for me.

Bill, I swear, if I get chosen for this Methoxy testing - I will send you a signed photo of me dressed up as Wonder Woman. Promise.

Bill, I swear, if I get chosen for this Methoxy testing - I will send you a signed photo of me dressed up as Wonder Woman… What?!? Patricia already stole my idea?! Ok fine… then I’ll be she-hulk.

I am hereby expressing my official interest to take part in the trial.

I’d love to get in on this. I went through three or four bottles of the original Methoxy a few years back and didn’t see any results (in fact, I took advantage of the wonderful Biotest guarantee…those guys at Biotest are so nice;). I’d love to try the Methoxy/4AD EC combo to see what difference it would make.

Even though I offered it for the powerstack challenge I wasnt accepted, so I am still willing to part with my man-flower for a chance for some methoxy…

Is the testing going to be open to Canadians?

patricia, post that pic of you in the wonderwoman outfit. :slight_smile: not trying to hit on you, i’m in a serious relationship, just wanted to see the pic though. oh and bill, i’m not giving up my girlfriend, how about methoxy for a discounted price. this student budget is killing me. laters pk

I’d also like to get in on this. I’ve been on Methoxy 7 for the last 4 weeks, with great progress at first, now tapering off but still helping noticeably. I don’t currently measure bodyfat, but I will estimate I went from 20% to 15% in this time, with only a five pound loss in bodyweight. (235 to 230). Strength is up, as well as endurance, on low carbs no less. I went from having a big-ass “trucker’s belly” to just a medium-small paunch (sounds great, I know). I’m using the so-called “poliquin diet” and the fish oil seems to make a big difference. However, my best gains (losses) were in the first weeks. To be fair, I was swamped at work recently, and had to miss a couple of training sessions though. Overall, I am very impressed! I would love to try doubling the dosage, though! Please consider me, too. So far this Methoxy experience is my first time using anything stronger than creatine, and my first experience with Biotest products. Thumbs way way up so far!

In that case, I’ll throw in my wheelchair to put my name down. Bad joke, soz.

Fact is, we all want to be a part of this. And Just because we suck up doesn’t mean we are going to get it. Hell I just want to get a fair chance like everybody else. My theory is that this should only be open to regular forum posters, whether they are from Canada grin or from the States. Those who take the time to post on the forum and regularly read on the forum will be more likely to give a nice and comprehensive review of the product, and the results they acquired from it.

Bill, I’m in town, so I’d love to take part in the study. I’ve never used Methoxy or 4adec, so I would be an unbiased source to get the information you need.