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Attn Bill Roberts or Chris Shuggart-how to use Mag-10 for max strength?

Have a strongman competition and want to use Mag-10-the problem is that the last 8 days(before I compete-I rest,and just eat tons of food) their is no training what would be the best scenario to be my strongest on comp day.Scenario#1-take Mag 10 day 21- day 7 and then stopit 7 days out…scenario#2 take it last two weeks before comp…or scenario #3 take it for 2 weeks then off two weeks(with M & TRibex) then on for two weeks into contest-would just taking the mag-10 and consuming massive calories on my off week still put me in an anabolic state??any help guys is appreciated

I have no idea. I would be relunctant to suggest taking MAG-10 while not strength training.