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Attn: Bill - oral v inj winstrol

Is there any difference mg for mg between using oral or injectible winny? i plan on using it in a cycle, can get both, but mg for mg the injectible is almost double the price!


Bill doesn’t seem to be around. I need to make a decision on what to buy poretty soon so anyone else have an informed opinion? thanks.

I don’t know of anyone making a careful effort to compare mg for mg efficiency of oral vs injectable, but my guess is you need 50-100% more oral to equal the injectable. That is a guess. Personally, if it’s a quality injectable like Zambon, I’d pay twice the price… if it’s something like Stanazolic, I’d go for the oral if the price difference was that much.

Also, orals are handy for when brief duration of action is desired. The Depot can of course also be used that way just be using it orally, but if it is costing you more per mg then of course that doesn’t make sense.

so to get the same effect as 50mg/day of Zambon, I’d have to use 75-100mg/day of oral stanozolol? wow - it doesn’t look as pricey now!! thanks.