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Attn: All Vancouver T-Nationers


I just received an e-mail asking me to apply for a job in Vancouver, BC. I'm now located in Boston and have never lived on the western half of the continent and have never been any further north than San Francisco. What is Vancouver like? Good night life, nice area? What is the cost of living like? Any information would definitely help. Thanks in advance.


I just moved to BC almost 2 years ago, until then I had lived my whole life in Nova Scotia. I had to move to due to work and actually live in the interior of BC, about 4 hours north of Vancouver. I have been visiting Vancouver because I have friends there and I think it is a shit-hole! I guess if you like living in a stinking urban jungle then Vancouver would be alright. Give me Victoria anyday!



Vancouver is absolutely incredible, and very, very happening.

I've lived here for almost 4 years now, and still wake up every morning feeling as though I'm on vacation.
Whether you're into the urban chic, outdoors and active, coffee and capuccino scene.. there is absolutely something to do. Vancouverites are extremely active- you'd be amazed at how little smoking and how many fit Moms there are around here.

Oh weekends you can hike, go to the beach, hit up any number of incredible restaurants, bike the North Shore trails, walk through a rainforest, do some serious clubhopping, watch some slam poetry, see any wicked act live, or just go for some espresso and read comics.
(Not to mention that we have flowers and Greenery in bloom year round)

The scenery (panoramic mountains and ocean) is spectacular, the city is remarkably clean, the transit is very efficient, and pedestrians get serious respect.

I have to say - of all the cities I have been (and I've been to some fabulous places) this is by far, the most versatile and breathtaking place to call home.

(Note: Most people would rather earn in Starbucks' lattes than cash, take yoga classes like it's going out of style, and the shoe/bag fetish epidemic...But.. every city has its colours.)


I grew up in Vancouver, and have lived here all my life. I now live in Delta, which is a city, but I consider the outskirts cities to be more like suburbs of Vancouver. I don't know Boston, so I can't compare the two cities. Also, being old and married, I can't really comment on the night-life.

I think that the greater Vancouver area is a great place to live. However, in my opinion, the transit sucks, and the rush hour is about 4 hours long. I think it's probably a fairly expensive place to live, and property prices are through the roof. Unless you are a professional, with some hefty cash up front, you can't afford to buy a house in Vancouver itself. I'd guess you're looking at around $400K Can. to get started with a 33 ft. wide lot in Vancouver. And that would be a dump. Vancouver condo, maybe $200K and up? You can start here...........


and zero in on Vancouver or it's 'suburbs' to get accurate housing info.

What sort of work do you do?

Most people complain about the rain here the most. Recent summers have been dry and hot, and winter it doesn't usually go much below freezing. We don't get much snow, and no one can drive in the snow worth shit around here.

If you ski, however.......... the ski hills are awesome. Check out Whistler/Blackcomb for info.

Hope that helps. Ask more specific questions if you want.

\|/ 3Toes


3toedSloth pretty much got it all. The only problem with Vancouver is that it rains much more than other places. I guess you could say because of that the drinking water doesn't taste like shit :wink:

http://www.housingmaps.com/ is another interesting housing resource. Kinda shows price range vs area.


Thank you to everyone that replied. I thought that it may rain alot due to the loaction, ver similar to Seattle. Thank you for the resources I am going to check that website out. I am on travel the next few days so thanks in advance to anyone else who posts.