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Attn: All UG Brewers/Users


It is odd timing that Anthony Roberts posted that article on UG labs since I am trying to research these myself. Wondering if anyone could give me some info on their favorites and how I can get into contact with some brewers (maybe PM).

I have used IP products before, and think that there are some great products out there and some great people helping all of us out. Here are some labs that I have managed to dig up, maybe some you have heard of, maybe some you haven't:
Progressive labs
Morning Star
Hardcore Pharmaceuticals

What are your favorites/opinions?


So nobody out there? Nobody wants to comment or discuss their lab of choice? Or does nobody use these methods? Do we just brew on a small scale for personal use? What is going on?


i've seen lab results for ALOT of stuff and across the board it appears that quality vet has the best. pet pharma has scored high as did tornel, nutri-vet and denkall. Brovel is ok and have quality issues sometimes. loefler is really good (love their dbol). ttokyo was good but have fallen WAY behind- they had some issues with S.A. mex (the mexican version of the FDA) so most people stay away from them now. P.E. labs before he went scammer. these are the ones i can think of a of the top of my head. there are alot more and if you pm me i can get you a ton of lab results on quite a few of them... hope this helps.


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My buddies and I have used all the ones mentioned except Texstar and HP gear. But these are top notch IMHO!! Hell these are sometimes even better than human grade gear!!

My favorites are Swisher and Progressive labs you can't beat their pricing and service!!

Mex vet gear doesn't even come close to their quality!! These UGL's are run by some truly good and honest bro's too!!



No dis-respect, but if I was an UG lab user/maker I think I would keep my/there names out of public forums.

If you know these names how come you can't talk to them yourself?


Well, Over40, no disrespect taken. I do see your point and hope I didn't piss anyone off. I found these labs just by scouting out the internet a bit. So they are already "publicly" known. Just trying to get some info and opinions.


just started cycle from nutri vet am doing 50 mg dbol ED 750 test e a week and 500 eq a week kinda scared bit mite be fake tho i shot the test and eq last nite for teh first time and had no pain at all... this ite be normal but from my previous cycles with test i always had pain from the shot... could this ean its fake??


Hey Bushy I heard a nasty rumor that BD was bought out quietly and their quality has since been slowly dropping... care to comment? I personally was not happy with the 200 mg/ml Boldenone I go from them but hey you never know... Just curious what you think or may have heard...


We should have a contest where we get to name bushboy's lab.
I'll go with
Bushlab of Whales
or Bushlabia


Sounds like you need to shave that if you want to get laid.


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You are correct Bushy.


I was confused at first because I haven't posted in a while and I see a post under my name.
I posted this 2 years ago when I was making the transition from human/vet grade gear to UG gear and doing some research on who was reputable. Like bushy said, older and wiser now .. funny how things change.

Most of these labs aren't around anymore due to legal pressure or, more recently, because of the chinese powder situation. My current UGL has decided to close up shop. Seems like things are going back to the old days where gear is really expensive and you really have to be cautious of fakes. I am sure that some UGL will stick around, but they are going to become very exclusive. Bummer.


i don't see why ug labs don't move to canada..our gov doesn't give a shit


It's hard to get stuff across the border, at least in any significant quantity. I'd personally rather risk getting a shipment of powder seized than arrested for drug international trafficking.


Very cool resurrected thread.

There are places along the Canadian border where you have a sign-in box; no border patrol agent, just a little station where you sign in. Security is laughable.


Yeah, they're out of the way, but worth it if you want to make it into a little road-trip. Think rural. Or type in ghost-towns and tourism.