Attn. all art providers, need advice.

Had my first art therapy yesterday, but am a bit confused as to what to do now. Stretched/heated the area last night, still feeling a little pull in the injured area. I also did 4 sets of extremely light db benches to open up the area (injured pec). WHat else would maximize recovery/treatment i’m receiving. Have noticed a substantial drop in pain, but still a light pull in the area, btw.

Ransomed, the advice I got from my ART guy was to warm a muscle before working it (to get blood flow to the area) and ice it afterwards (to reduce inflammation).

If it’s actually injured, I’d give it a bit of a rest. Your injured pec will thank you for it. (grin)

The frequencies of the stretches are more important than the duration. So, stretch throughout the day, not just at night. Two other considerations, DO NOT DO INTENSIVE stretching (stop short of discomfort) and keep the weight down until all the adhesions are removed. Anything to increase blood flow to the area (to aid in healing) will be beneficial.