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Attention ZMA users and former users

For the sake of this post, let’s take away the benefits of using zinc with magnesium and just talk about magnesium itself. I’ve been reading up on magnesium after I’ve found out that low magnesium levels can result in elevated levels of cholesterol. Not only did I find out that athletes are low in this mineral (duh) but so are your average couch potatoes. I’ve also found out that magnesium can help with depression, irritability, nervousness, headaches, heart disease, fatigue, calcium deposits, and even help out a little with high blood pressure. The main reason it helps with cholesterol is because it is important for carb and fat metabolism. I’ve read that many patients that have high cholesterol that get their mineral levels checked show declined levels of magnesium. Pretty neat, huh? Anyways, to all you ZMA users and former-users, have any of you ever experienced these type of results when using ZMA? Much thanks to all who respond.