Attention Westsiders

Theres a great interview with Westside’s Jim Wendler on the Renegade Barbell site where he talks about a variety of subjects and is quite interesting and informative.

Interesting article, one thing in particular caught my attention:
‘Everyone I know stays on year round. People say we’re nuts but they don’t train like we do’

Do they ever retire? What happens then?

Creed-You stopped the quote too early. If you would have left the rest of it, instead of taking it out of context you would have seen that he later says that they are trying to be the best in their sport, so they have to make certain sacrifices. to them, it is worth any possible long term dangers. My girlfriend says no, so there is my long term danger. Be married, have kids or be a world class powerlifter. thats a tough one. Id pick being married with kids anyday.

this was a good article. i like no bullshit straight to the point articles like that.

and yep, wsb is not about fun, nor health, it’s about numbers, as been said by many of their members.