Attention Spookaroo & P #22

Bros your wisdom is needed please go back to my high BP post, I have a new question for you both. Thanks for your time fellas.

So prisoner #22 has officially been deemed wise eh?

He helped me out, your welcome to add your thoughts if you like.

Nope, don’t know a damn thing about blood pressure… just know that the top number is ok when it’s around 130. Prisoner 22 actually reminds me of someone else who used to hang around this board.

Squatty is pretty smart. His balls were the size of jelly beans once, but now they’re normal, which is bragable.

Macaijah I swear to god i’m going to find out who you are somehow… in which case I hope you like the taste of jelly beans.

Prisoner #22 deemed me unwise.


Squatty are you talking about Rainbow?

LMAO! Squatty that’s some funny shit.

Uhmmmmm…Wise? Er Um Will someone Pleeeez show me to da bahr. Pleeeeez!

Oh btw. There was another guy here awhile ago who everyone was thinkin it was our old fried. When that started getting questioned on posts the dude bailed. So quit speculatin. I like P22 either way and certainly don’t give a fuck who he is in real life…

I love the taste of jelly beans.

I hope for your sake that you do, the beans I’m offering taste like salt water and ass crack sealed in a ball-sweat candy shell.

Squatty just how would you know that?

Your mom told him.

all joking aside its best if you leave my mom out of this…

I was born without my lower ribs