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Through reading your post I know that you were in the Navy and are a nurse. Were you a corpsman ( or an officer ) in the Navy then decided to become a nurse after your enlistment was over? Did you go through FMSS before you was stationed in San Diego? If so did you go through Camp LeJeune or Camp Pendelton? As a nurse do you specialize in a certain field of medicine, and have you experienced any problems in being a male nurse, any benefits? If possible could you tell me why you spent time in the brig and did that make it more difficult to get certified/state license? I am currently an HM3/Registered Respiratory Therapist and will be seperating from the Navy in 2 months or so and am leaning towards getting a nursing degree specializing in cardiovascular nursing or rehab. Thank you for your response.

ok lemme try to answer all these. i was a corpsman while in the navy, and became an RN after my hitch was up, thanks to the USN’s money. the short story on my going to the brig is that the best looking girl on the base wanted me rather than an officer who was buddy buddy with the captain. so they had NIS set me up to get found with marijuana. funny thing is i hate marijuana. anyways at my court marshall i had a marine corp colonel who was famous for sending sailors to the brig. combine that with the fact that they saw to it my attorney was a scared shitless ensign freshly enlisted in the navy and my fate was sealed. there were two other guys who went to court marshall the same day. both had substantially more serious charges against them. both were given plea bargains but when my lawyer tried to get me one the base capt said no. so i ended up getting alot more time than either of them. so i ended up in the san diego brig for a time. i was transferred to great lakes soon after to finish my sentence. it was a true kangaroo court. i have the transcript and on it you can see the base priest pointing out that i was set up and he had proof but they wouldnt even listen to him. nope it was a forgone conclusion. nor would they even look at any of my proof or hear my witnesses. after i got out and went back to the base to collect my belongings, the girl that NIS had used to set me up spilled her guts to me. she was crying bitterly and begging forgiveness. i dont blame her. they bullied her into it. as for whether it made getting a job difficult?. no cuz i never tell anyone and they dont do military background checks if you say you never served. i dont like doing it that way but i have no choice. i’m a great nurse and love my work. ive worked in many clinical settings. EC, oncology, ICU,med/surg. all of them have value. i’d say for just coming out of nursing school med surg is best. youll see everything there. manage multiple system failures. its stressful. way more than acute type care cuz you cant treat em and street em. one last thing. its a pet peeve of mine. we arent ‘male nurses’ …just nurses. its more difficult in school for males especially on peds and OB rotations because they watch you extra close thinking you as a man cant do what it takes. youll have to be twice as compassionate and twice as gentle as a woman. that said, i’ve had many many women say i’m the best nurse theyve ever had. makes ya feel good. nursing has the ultimate job security. its demanding work and most people cant handle the pressure so we are in short supply. i think youll enjoy it. hope this helps. btw i actually qualified for a minority scholarship despite being a white male due to the fact that males constituted less than 5% of the people in nursing school.

Thanks for your response and I understand and can relate somewhat to your past experiences. Now for the question about using gear. I have no problems with responsible use, but what do you say if you are questioned about it by coworkers or department heads? What could happen if you were to get busted, lose job and license? What precautions do you take, and what is your opinion of getting your stuff through international sources? Thank you for your time and patience?

I know this thread doesn’t have anything to do with me, but I just wanted to comment on your story. Typical Marine Corps!! With all thier self rightious hypocritical asses! My best friend reenlisted for 4yrs for 30g’s. Six months after I get out he’s in the brig for distibution. Did he do drugs…yes. Should have have got NJP, yes. Did he sell 'em no! Hell no! This was not only my bestfriend, but my workout partner. I know he wasn’t a dealer. Some other people got busted that we had associated with before, and to save their own asses they rolled over on him. They convicted him w/o no hard evidence just “hear say from other Marines”. Again, typical Marine Corps. The Few the Proud…my ass!