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Attention: Over 40 year old lifters

I don’t think that heavy BB benching poses any real problem, so long as you’re doing a few other things as well.

RC work. (See above)

An equal amount of upper back work, for structural balance.

Pre-hab stuff. (Again, see above.)

Not too much emphasis on frontal delt work like close-grips. Those really tear me up, every time I do them.

Proper nutrition. (See… ah, forget it.)

I currently bench more weight than I ever have, thanks to a few months of working out Westside style. And my shoulders have never felt better.


Congratualtions on the poundage. Way to go! I have found that the barbell bench press is not a natural motion for many.

Remove your hands from the keyboard. As you are sitting in front of your computer take both hands and bring them back so that they are even with your chest. This is not a natural motion. What other motion would you do in life that would require such and odd position for both hands to be as low to the chest?

The position that your shoulder is in when doing this leaves it open to great damage in my opinion.

However, I am sure that many can bench a life time and never have a problem. Then again some can swim with sharks and never get bitten. Does not mean it is not a dangerous activity!

May you have many years of successful benching ahead of you!

[quote]“Come on their must be a couple of guys over 40 on this forum.”[quote]

You should be more patient with this crew (your over 40 audience). Reaction time is down with them, and they’re all dealing with arthritis, so typing is painstakingly slow.

i’m 44 been doing westside for about a yr. tried m-1-t, tibex. 1-ad. worked good for about 2 wks. [each on a separate cycle] i really would like to try a real cycle [ sust.,d-bol,ect.]i think at this age and older it could be beneficial for gains and recovery. all
in all in this day and age we’re not
that old.
best of luck to all,