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Attention New Haven T-Men/T-Vixens

Anyone out there in CT?

Im going to be in New Haven for the next month doing some research at Yale University. Any suggestions as to where I can train, where I can shop, where I can go out to eat, where I can buy women, liquor, and cigars - you know, all the essentials?

Any help is appreciated. And BTW, if you’re a New Havenite, perhaps we can hit a workout together!

Bumping for New Haven - Where’s the love?

I will bumper for you big gye ;0)

Make sure you check the labs for explosives before going in :wink:

I know where you can buy women - Foxwoods resort and casino, about 60 minutes drive from new haven.

If you have Boston-related questions Ill be happy to help but thats a little too far for me.



I’ve got some connections down in CT; I’ll look into it for you and drop you an email. Be sure to bring your wallet; New Haven County isn’t too far from the “Gold Coast” (Fairfield County), where everything costs an arm and a leg.

John, welcome to (almost) my humble...county! 

I live a breath away from New Haven.

In fact, a friend of mine works at Yale doing research on some Protein and Cancer stuff. If my memory serves me correctly his dad owns a pretty nice gym which is about 30 minutes north.

Welcome! We got a celebrity in the house!!!! Just stay away from the Law School - them cukes like to 'atract' a lot of bombs come finals time, if you know what I mean... When are you going to be in? Im about to ship out to boot camp. 

Also, I might be wrong, but - Im sure I heard Yale has the biggest gym in the US. Might be just a rumour, as only special people are allowed in there, but thats what I was told. Our pilots at Tweed New Haven Airport had an agreement with the gym so they could use the whole facility everytime they were in the area. Their words: it's nice. LOL, other than that, World Gym in Hamden might suit you. Just dont tell them you're THE John Berardi from T-Mag - they might explode. Hope this helps!

 Ohhh, the chicks and the beer - you will find PLENTY of bars and clubs in the area much to your delight, all within a very brief walk around the block from Yale - Bar, Neat, Alchemy's, and at least another 5 I cant seem to remember the names, all in the same street or block. Just make sure you dont go to Gotham on what is it - fridays? or is it thursdays? That's 'the other way around day' from what Ive heard.

 Where are all the other Connecticutese people? Come on out, I know there are at least a 'tad' more around here, who would know even better than me.

 Let us know when you'll be down here!!!

I will try and post again Jophn. It seems like the T-Mag “bug” is still alive and feeding on posts.

I belonged to the World Gym in Branford for 17 years and think it is the best around. It is owned by Mike Katz, Mr. America, Mr. Universe, New York Jets, Pumping Iron, etc. who has been a big help to me personally. He also owns the World Gym in Hamden which, I am told, is a bit more hardcore. There is also a Gold’s in New Haven. I have also heard that the Yale gym is pretty good (and free) but I have never been there. The local yuppie meat market fish bowl is called In Shape and is also in Branford.

As far as food is concerned, you can’t go wrong with any of the Italian places on Wooster Street. It is some of the best in the country.

I am not up on the singles scene so I can’t help you out there.

If you want to try and ride a bucking bronc though, come on up the my horse farm. I am about 45 minutes north east of New Haven. The headlines will read “Avoids Roids’ colt kicks Berardi’s ass!” TC can probably run that one for a touchdown. hehehe.

Let us know when you will be in town.


I’m in CT. As has been suggested, I believe Yale might very well have one of the most well equipped gyms in the country, so you should be covered there, assuming you can get access. If not, your welcome to come workout in my gym, but I doubt I have enough weight on hand for the likes of yourself.

As for the important stuff, chicks, beer, and cigars, you won’t have any problem scoring tons of it in New Haven given that you will be in the vicinity of Yale. I haven’t been in awhile, but I would recommend you check out Toads place(semi-legendary club). Not sure how things are there these days.

If your not scoring, you can pick up a copy of the New Haven advocate, I hear there’s lots of ahem…“personals” in the back.

As far as food goes, if you can trip up and eat some serious carbs, you absolutely MUST have pizza at Pepe’s on Wooster street.

It has been suggested in numerous culinary magazines(Gourmet, etc…) that it is possibly the best pizza on the entire planet, so no trip through New Haven is complete without stopping there for a meal.

If you travel outside of New Haven at all up and down I-95, there is some awesome seafood to be had given the proximity to the ocean.

I think it would be exceptionally cool to get in a workout out with you, if not mostly intimidating. As avoid roids said, let us know when you’re in town.


Hey Sup,
Sorry to high-jack this…
But what is with the “Girl Stuff” label on you NEW SITE!!! (He he,
a plug and a legit question all at once!)

You should change it… especially for Cass; she should have a better header to post her hard work under then girl stuff?!!

Thanks I know you value your readers thoughts ;0P

My best friend plays for the New Haven Raven (Toronto Blue Jays AA team). I’ll be going to see him play in a few weeks. If you’d like, I can get you tickets…maybe you could enlighten us with some training advice and get him to the next level!


This is from a buddy of mine who goes to Yale:

"…anyway. restaurants – a few keepers. “mahmoun’s” for falafels (cheap and tasty). “yorkside” (good greek style pizza - york st.) “tandoor palace” and “royal india” (weekend buffet lunches - chapel st. and high st). all the little places on chapel st. are probably good, but a little expensive. there’s a new burrito place that’s supposed to be good also, i forgot the name.

liquor/clubs/bars – toad’s place (some people love it, others hate it. wednesday’s penny night, saturday’s dance party.) “alchemy” is nice - college st. “bar” (that’s the name of the place) is also decent - grove st. as is “risk” (nightclub) - grove st.

p.s. some of my street names might be off, i’m having a brain fart at the moment. for general stuff to do, there’s the yale rep theatre and peabody museum if you’re in for some culture, and the international festival of arts and ideas coming soon this june. usually there’s something going on down by the green that’s free. the only movie theater is york square cinema, which doesn’t always have the latest releases but sometimes has quality, lesser known (i.e. “artsy”) movies. that’s all i’ve got off the top of my head. keep your eyes/ears open – new haven’s not the greatest city, but it kind of grows on you."

Also, I might add, there’s a couple good shows coming to the Meadows in Hartford this summer (Iron Maiden, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Dave Matthews, Ozzfest and of course Poison…If you want to meet some 12-16 year old girls, there’s always John Mayer).

Anyway, I’m up here near Hartford, so if you’re ever up my way or I’m down by you, maybe we can get together to lift, have coffee, talk daughters, you know, no big whup.


Comin to CT, huh?
Alchemy & toads place are aiight - Definetely check out Blue’s cafe - good place to chill. Its a comedy club till like midnight, then a dance club. Im at Southern Connecticut right now(right down the street from Yale) finishin up my masters in Exs. Phys. & should be coming to Guelph next semester for Phd. stuff.
IF your coming soon come check me out - the natural Mr. Connecticut is Sat. the 14th in New Haven- nuthin but parties afterwards
Anyways, Lookin for girls in CT - New Haven’s the place to be

  • Christian Drake

I live in New Haven. Yale got to have the best gym around. There is a World gym in Orange also. Bars to go. Your in luck. The corner of Crown and Temple has about 12 bars with in about 2 block area. You have Playwright, Sci-fi, Fusion, The Bar, and a sports bar. Its a great place to go out any night and check it. Best of luck. If you need any info let me know. I live close by.

Bon Jovi, huh? Now THATS some sweet action…:slight_smile:

Not sure how convenient it will be for you, but you can always drive up to Boston and train with us. We have tons of PL, Strongman, and Oly equipment and we all get together to train on Saturdays.

I live In New Haven- I go to Golds Gym in New Haven about 5 mins from Yale. (I live about 100 yards from Yale). We could definitely hook up for a workout or two. As for food and drink Wooster st for Italian, Miso for sushi (my fav restaraunt) and Neat Lounge for some martinis. I will PM you with my cell #- Id be happy to show you around! When are you gonna be down here?

Do me a favor and give me a call you knuckle head and we can hit some night clubs in New york which isn’t that far away.

Bean - your old training partner

I couldnt PM you. If you send me a PM with your email Ill send you my cell #.