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Attention John Berardi

Anyone that knows the answer to this, please feel free to jump in.
As i was driving home from the gym something came to my mind that i haven’t really thought about before. I trained Chest on thursday and Legs on friday, and just today (saturday) i trained my biceps. Straight after biceps trainning i took my post workout drink which consists of 48 grams of whey protein (VP2) and 95 grams of Carbs (Lucozade). OK since my chest was still sore from thursday and my butt and quads were still sore from my leg workout on the friday, what portion of that 48 grams of whey protein i took after biceps training went to helping my biceps heal? Is that how it works? Or does the protein get into your blood and is taken all throughout your body? If this is a stupid question please tell me.
Thanks fellow T-Men.

The protein is used throughout your body…First things first. So this means if you have injuries such as muscle tears, burns, or any type of trauma (and weight training does induce muscular trauma) your body requires extra protein to repair the damage. As well every cell in your body contains protein and cells are constantly being broken down and rebuilt again. It requires protein to do all of this.

I don’t have a lot of physiology to back this one up so, you’re right, Berardi is truly the guy. Still Kelly hit it on the head.
My personal philosophy (which was in practice this week) is if I have the kind of lingering muscle soreness that persists after the normal 48 hour time frame for D.O.M.S. in a large muscle group - ESPECIALLY LEGS, I don’t train until I feel at least 80% recovered. My reasoning is that there’s no point in creating increased stress on your CNS, endocrine system, etc. by working out again when you still haven’t recovered from the previous one. I feel like Overtraining is liable to set in.

keely is right, and this is the reason why I do not believe in training 2 days in a row, protien will be spread thru the body, your body recovers as a unit so I feel by training 2 days in a row you are limiting the ability for your muscles to recover (excludeing juice, MASSIVE eating, genetic freaks,ect) why do you think mosy peoples best work outs are monday (most people take sunday off, from my ex.)

That sounds pretty right Kelly. Thanks. Still we better get some clarification from the man himself.

Also another thing that is worth mentioning is and it’s been a while since I researched this so I may not be 100% correct but if your diet is lacking in protein, or if your body has an extremely high protein requirement such as in the case with burn victims, ultra-endurance athletes, etc. your body can break down protein from one part of your body and use it in another. This is why you see these marathon runners with normal looking lower bodies but upper bodies that look like string beans. This is also why your body requires extra protein if you have any type of physical injury such as minor burns etc.