Attention Chris Shugart

Yo Chris, i live in australia and just today i went to the GNC store and asked why they dont have any T2 or MD6 on their shelves. The dude told me its because they contain ephedrine and its illegal to get them in this country. Is this true bro? Is it a fact i wont be able to use MD6 or T2 when starting to get shredded? Can i still order them online? Do Biotest send products overseas? Heck we dont even get Surge!!!

Well, T2 doesn’t contain ephedrine. I’m not sure what the laws are concerning supplements in Australia. You could call 719-473-5500. That’s the info number for Biotest/T-mag for those outside of the US and Canada.

Yes, Biotest sends products oversees, at least to distributors there. I’m sure an Australian distributor could get you some Surge too. Although it has drug-like effects when it comes to recovery, it’s just food stuff.

Now, here’s something as a quick aside. Texas did not allow MD6 to be shipped in for a while (this may be different now than it has a new formula, I’m not sure), so if you called Biotest they’d tell you they can’t ship it to Texas. However, if you went to some online supplement stores, they would ship it to you. Australia may be the same way. The company may not can send it to you, but a distributor might.

Now, this is not my department really so I’m just mostly guessing here. Call the number and they can give you the real scoop. If all else fails, get a stateside pen pal and have him mail you whatever you want. Good luck.

I can tell you 1st hand Oz sucks dick when it
comes to allowing supplements into the country.

Aussie customs snags everything and only sends seizure letters like 1/2 the time.

Its so odd because you can easily get steroids
in Australia but if you want supplements they
are illegal.

Must be that Crocodile Hunter Steve mentality.


Brock…Aus may suck for getting good supplements but how about Canada. We get ripped on everything. I remember a few years ago myoplex delux wasn’t allowed in Canada eventhough normal myoplex was. Can you guess the reason? The delux version had glutamine in it. Oh no the horrors of glutamine. :slight_smile:

Look out, Brock Strasser’s going into a death roll! He’s a cute little bugger isn’t he?

Slain,call the clowns at Therapeutic Goods Administration in Canberra and ask what you can and cannot import.Be careful about ordering online,just because someone will send it to you does not mean it is permitted.I read a few weeks ago about a guy,I think he was from Melbourne,who was charged,had to appear in court and was fined for importing (wait for it)…yohimbe!What a friggin joke!
It is quite OK for anyone over the age of 18 to walk into a bottle shop and buy enough piss to drink himself into oblivion,but a well-informed adult who orders products like ECA,DHEA,etc is breaking the law!Don’t you just love interfering beauracracies?

Slaine the Aus/NZ distributor is First Nutrition there site is The problem is that they are also the distrib for EAS so guess who gets all the attention. Having said that send them an email and you may get some action. Good luck.

Thanks guys, nkeago, the horrors of glutamine LOLOLOLOLOL!!! I think i will go to GNC and ask them to order it in for me, that way i dont run the risk of ordering it and customs getting their grubby little hands on it and using it themselves.LOL.
Brock Strasser,yeah i think australians have that do it yourself mentality. Who needs supplements when you can drink beer!LOL!

SLAINE it is funny thought that you can by bottles of glutamine. Canada is so weird. :slight_smile: