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Attention any T-men in Korea

I’m wondering where to buy some decent supps in Korea (preferablu Seoul). Korean protien sucks ass. I found the imported goods arcade in Namdaemun Market, but its a little chaotic and the selection isn’t particularily good. Any help would be grand. Also, any luck with importing supps? Netrition gives me this stupid message about Korea cracking down on imports when I try to order some M or Tribex. Might have an Army contact, for for now I’m on my own. Gamsa Hamnida.

There is a ‘grey’ market here in Pusan where I’ve seen some of the bigger name protein brands. (EAS, etc). Haven’t purchased any yet because I’ve been constantly sick the last 2.5 months, so it hasn’t been a concern.

If you want to come down here, I can take you there. Prices were fairly reasonable, about 50,000w for 5lbs of some random whey–can’t remember the name, but it was from the states.

I have a friend who can get me into the Army commissary, but I still haven’t done it for the aforementioned reasons.

Why don’t you just order online. I’ve heard bodybuilding.com ships quickly, has descent prices, and arrives in country fairly quickly (about 5 business days). I go through fitnessfirstusa.com, they have competitive deals and good customer service too.

Where do you guys lift out in South Korea. I’m a military member, so I just use the post gyms, but I’m curious to see what sort of Korean gyms there are around.



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