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Attention all Powerlifters

I have to max on bench tomorrow in class… and I need to have an awesome day… I have Power Drive but what else should i eat before i do it? or the night before? im not an expert in stuff like what to to before… and what kinda of warmups should i do… i wanna get at least 335.

Spencer, here are a few tips: 1)read “Warming up to a great workout”(around issue 120) and follow its guidelines carefully. Don’t do too much volume b/c fatigue may get you. 2)Androsol may help b/c its a CNS stimulant but I’m not sure. 3)Between attempts take a few minutes of rest. Also, Ian King said that if you take long rest intervals to put a towel over your shoulders or head to help keep you warm. Hope it all goes well for you.

Carbs right before a workout are the best nutritional source for maximizing explosive performance. Try a banana. But the performance of your max is a function of much more. What you eat before you go to sleep is not nearly as important as getting a good night sleep. Also, on the day of your attempt, (to finish a point made by the another reply) Ian King recommends a towel or other covering to keep you warm, which should be removed just before the attempt, so as to “shock” your neurological system from the temperature change. That can’t hurt, although I don’t know if it really will make much of a difference. As to warm-ups, try doing a single set of 8, very sub-maximally. Then, about 2 minutes after that warm-up, try doing a somewhat heavier (but still sub-maximal and definitely NOT to failure) set of 5. Then, wait 3 minutes and attempt your 1RM. Good luck.

damnit i only did 325… next time im gunna do 350 at least… no matter what it takes

here is a simple tip, Provided you dont have any heart trouble, take a serving of ultimate punch 20 minutes before you go in, and sip another while you are doing your warm up sets. you heart will race like a madman, but your max will be higher I gaurandamntee it

Get a LOT of sleep. use a sleeping aid that has of course no drowsiness on waking. Well it may be too late for this advice now but next time you should be making sure your in a perfect sleep rythm a week from the test. For optimum training you should be sleeping perfectly every night, but lets be realistic and say this is not attainable. also take into considertion that your nervous / anxious to lift, it can disrubt your night’s sleep. Caution: dont get dependant on sleeping aid only use for special occasions.