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Attention all experts

Just read the issue 209 irondog in which Alessi tells how Poliquin took subscapular and supra-iliac measurements to determine whether he was carb-intolerant. Exactly what did he do and how can you detemine this for yourself.

from what i understand (i’ve been told this by a guy i know who did an internship with poliquin) he has some data from a study that took 11 or 12 caliper measurements all over the body and associated different ratios with hormonal inbalances and metabolic traits, so i’m guessing that poliquin used this data plus other things he knows to determine this. i doubt he will give this out to you though, its how he makes his money. very well read guy, very well read.

by no means am i an expert, but i have also had a caliper reading by a poliquin intern who i train with, and depending on where you store fat, many things, such as the carb intolerance can be pre-determined. (although i still rely on bloodtests, the readings turned out to be pretty accurate.)