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Attention All Employees


Memo from your CEO:

In order to alleviate the widespread suffering in New Orleans, 15% of your net pay will now be withheld to fund relief efforts. There is no choice in this matter.

It has also come to our attention that there are homeless in D.C. 5% will be withheld for that. Also, there is unemployment in West Virginia -- 10% will be withheld for the relief of those victims. There is no choice in these matters.

Do not complain to your supervisor that you can't live on less. Think of the poor unfortunates from whom you want to withhold your money. Surely their needs come before your selfish desires!

In the future, certain 'relocation centers' will be set up for complainers of any sort. If you complain now, we will remember you -- and that's a promise!

Have a nice day!






Today, as an exception, I've allowed my standards to slip significantly. As an aristocrat i have certain priveleges in this life, not having to put up with street urchins that propagate here should be one of them.

First, I debased myself by appearing here. Then, an apparant commoner tries to insinuate that my money will actually go to help homeless people in your American New Orleans.

You Sir, are beneath my contempt. I know this forum is not idiot proof, but at least I would have thought they could have made it dimwit resistant. Now, I must leave you to get on with whatever it is that you peasants do in your respective trailer parks on a Saturday evening. I've just finished my scotch and my maid awaits me. The dirty creature is about to perform some form of an oral act upon me that I'm told I'm to enjoy immensely! Good evening!


Your post makes less sense than the above two mental 'giants'. Time to go back to playing with 'Monty'.


Relocation center candidate.


Relocation and re-education candidate. Shows high intelligience with response and in need of re-education.


Good stuff, I'm sorry but we pay too much in taxes..


One-note retard.

HH: you're so full of shit, it's a wonder why you even bother wiping your ass anymore.


No, Don was right.

So how about a check box on my income tax then? I'd prefer my tax dollars go to rebuild the levies and help the people of the gulf coast to rebuild their lives. You'd rather send yours to Iraq so they can burn it to keep warm this winter.

I read yesterday that it was projected to cost about $32B to rebuild the levy system around NO. Meanwhile over $300B has been spent on Iraq. You must hate and despise the people who live there, but personally I'd prefer to help them than Iraqis.


I did wipe -- look at your avatar, bugwit.


Where'd I say anything about wanting to send money for that?

I hate and despise people because I want them to stand on their own two feet and/or rely on private charity?

Do I hate and despise the ones making a paycheck, who are to make the recovery even possible?

Think before you write; don't just react with infantile emotions.


Dirty Sanchez! Y'all are stinky gays


Was this thread actually about something?


It is about the fact that I pay twice as much in taxes a month as I do for my house. it is also about the fact that 36% of PA's budget is for welfare systems. I don't think we should give a big FU to people in need, I do think the level of taxation is out of control and there needs to be cuts. It is clear that voting doesn't do anything since they all do what they want anyway.


Wow this is some weak shtick. It's like a 16 year old who read the Count of Monte Cristo a few too many times. Do you actually add anything or just blather on with some kind of inanity?


That $300B is mostly being spent on killing Iraqi's, or paying others to kill/loot them.

So yes, please - stop helping Iraqi's. They'd love you to stop "helping" them.


You are complaining to a Canadian about how much YOU pay in taxes? :wink:


LOL. Reminded me of the Seinfeld episode.


More enlightening comments from the left.