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Attention All Conspiracy Theorists


A new study about something near and dear to your hearts:



They WANT you to think the hats aren't working.


True. There's even a counterpoint article:


Whom to believe?!


I have an aluminum foil hershey kiss hat from Hershey Park. I wear it while I consider whether Jeff Gannon is really Johnny Gosch...


It should be made out of lead. Maybe a mixture of cement and lead. You can prevent mind control, and build up your neck at the same time.

Hey maybe we can call it the X-hat. Next can come the X-underwear.


I get round this helmet problem by living in a bunker at the bottom of a ravine. They can't hear my thoughts there, unless...


If you have internet access they can still hear your thoughts regardless of your shielding.

I suggest all you conspiracy types disconnect from the internet immediatley.


I think the forums would miss JTF though, don't you?