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Attention Alberta

Okay, here’s the general plan in so far as the Alberta T2 is concerned. . .

We meet at West Ed. at noon.

We engage in swimming at the waterpark.

From there we move into Go-Karting.

From there we attack food.

I also need to know who’s going to be there. Please post here if you’re planning on attending. If you have any questions please feel free to get a hold of me if you have any other questions.


C’mon guys (and girls) . . .

Little impatient there Stu?..

Count me in, I gotta check with Mrs. Cake, either way the Testosterone-Sucking, Manhood-Castrating, Cool-Nullifying Minivan will be available for carpooling…

“Youth is a blunder, manhood a struggle, old age a regret”

~ Benjamin Disraeli

I think I might be able to go, I will have to check my schedule. Not sure if I wanna drive with cake though ;-). LOL

Well I guess I have to take the leap and travel to the bigish city someday. Why not. Count me in.

Roger - copy that- 10 4 copy - go to 2

I think I’ll be there, if you’ll let me come. I ain’t no swole-cat.

Of Course I’m gonna be there.

But with all the apple pie I’ve been eating, I might skip the bikini part and go for the one-piece!!! HAAAAAHAHAHAH

I hope you all have a blast. I’ll be enjoying the humidity of southern Ontario.

Cupcake, yes you can borrow my Speedo. Please wash it this time.

I am in but what day were you thinking of doing this cause I have other engagements that weekend so i’ll only be able to make it for part of it.

You’ll have to go for the one piece anyway. You left the bottoms of the two-piece at my place on sunday, and I’ve now had them framed. Oh yeah, if you’re missing a lock of hair, that was me too.