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Attending WSM


Im thinking about watching the WSM this year as it will be in orange county, CA. Is it worth it to see? Can anyone share what kind of things go on there, besides the obvious of guys lifting heavy ass weight.


I'll be there for the finals for sure, maybe some of the qualifiers.

Um its WSM? How could you not go!? Its the first time its been in America in ten years so who knows when you will get another chance?

Strongman is way more entertaining than just a bunch of guys lifting weights. I went to the Super Series qualifier in Venice beach earlier this year and it was a blast!


Where is it going to be held? Venice?


When is it i'll be there? I'm looking forward to it be lots of fun.


It's going to be at the Anaheim Convention Center, Huntington Beach, and Crystal Cove. I looked on the WSM site but im having trouble figuring out which events will be where.


the venue has been set.. the dates confirmed ..

This years MET-Rx World's Strongest Man event is to be staged in Anaheim, California, USA. The qualifiers are going to be held between the 15-18th September and the final between 21-23rd September 2007.



List of qualifying heats when and where


2007 lineup is STACKED even the qualifying heats look like they will be wars!