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Attending NFL Team Practice or Training Camp

The wife and I will be heading to the US of A this time next year (2011) and I can’t wait. One of my priorities for the trip will be to catch some live NFL action.

Not particularly bothered if I don’t make it to an actual game (it’s be unlikely anyway as our trip ends before September) - would be just as happy to catch a team (any team) in a practice session, training camp, whatever.

So question for all you guys - what’s my best chance of making this happen? Are many of these sessions open to the public? (Our trip will be from late-July to late-August.) Any way of knowing in advance when and where a team will be practicing?

Thanks - and I know I’m a year early but hey, I’m excited!

What city or cities are you going to be in? Figure out what team/s are close, check NFL.com and you should be able to find out the teams practice schedule if not from NFL.com the teams website will be linked from NFL.com. Check the teams website and there will be a practice schedule and they should tell you if the practices are open to the public. Keep in mind some teams do not have summer practice in their city, some teams even go to different states.
Also, without actually checking, I believe there are preseason games that start in August so you might get lucky and find a game local to you.

Seattle Seahawks have two games in August this year. I doubt you will find a practice session you’d be allowed into (it isn’t like the baseball spring break in Florida where you can see teams play). Figure out where you’ll be in August and start looking at tickets early. Depending on the team and who they play they can sell out – especially the home opener.

I would suggest going straight to the website of whatever team you want to visit, and lookup ticket and schedule information.

Almost all teams sell tickets to their pre-season practices and training sessions, and they do sell out quickly, so I would make sure you take care of that before driving all the way out to the practices.

NFL is where it’s at!

If it’s a city that has a shit team you should be able to get some tickets, just follow the advice of the posters earlier and you’ll be golden. There are exceptions to this though. The Browns are horrible but they sell out every home game.

A good friend of mine who’s also a fellow Steeler fan called me up from the sidelines of the Steelers training camp in Latrobe PA. We’ve both attended a bunch of NFL games over the years but he said this was all together something else. Being that close and just realizing the speed at which these huge guys go and hearing it really for the first time because we’ve never had good seats at games. I wanted to punch him in the face for calling me lol.

[quote]bond james bond wrote:
If it’s a city that has a shit team you should be able to get some tickets[/quote]

It’s the NFL, it doesn’t matter how good the team is, every team has droves of supporters and tickets are always hard to come by.

I’m a 49ers fan and we haven’t done anything lately, but tickets for our training camp sessions were sold out within a day or two of their release.

^I have no idea of where the op’s going to be visiting but I was thinking along the lines of teams like Jacksonville. I was under the impression that they were practically begging people to come to games the last year.

The giants have training camp in Albany, NY. My friends go every year

There’s going to be a lockout next season. No training camp until mid-fall.

Skins practice is open to public usually in Ashburn, VA.

Unfortunately, doogie is correct. There’s a good chance that the NFL will be stuck in a lockout over their collective-bargaining agreement this time next year. If that happens, you can still attend some college games at the end of August, if you’re still here. The bigger colleges give a very similar experience as an NFL game.

If there’s no lockout, then there’ll be plenty of pre-season games all over the country throughout August. Try to time it so that you catch a pre-season when teams play their starters the longest (pre-season Week 3, Week 2, Week 1, and Week 4, in that order).

Also, most teams will have some of their practices open to the public. Look into the Dallas Cowboys in particular. They’ve traditionally had open practices and they often break their training camp into different cities. This year, they’re practicing in Dallas, TX, San Antonio, TX, and Oxnard, CA.

Big college game > training camp > NFL preseason. 1000x

Training camp is fun because you can actually talk to the guys sometimes. Other than that practice is kind of boring.