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Attempts at Strongman


I have done 120 for sets of 10, cleaning each rep. Today was just an off day for DB clean and press, I hope.
I’m just surprised that my strict press is so low.
Not sure what max bench would be currently. I’ve done 275-315 with a slingshot and a close grip for sets of 10+ pretty regularly. Also dips have been going well, able to do quite a bit of volume and weight.
I’ll post a strict press and a push press video sometime soon, and maybe the flaws will be more apparent.


Well the strength is definitely there. I don’t have access to DB’s over 70lbs so I’m not even sure I would be able to press this.But I agree, this is likely an outlier of a workout. I too am surprised that your BB strict press isn’t better.


My db press is like a leaping jerk and catching it overhead lol. I doubt much pressing is actually happening. Maybe I just need more time. I’ve only only really trained overhead pressing for the past 8-9 months or so. Every other time before that was once in a blue moon.


At least you’re not like me and prefer to overhead press 315 rather than deadlift it.


No, I’d be totally fine with that problem.


1/24 Pulls

Snatch from hang
135 for 5 doubles

Clean from hang
205 for 5 doubles

Conventional deadlift, no belt
495 for 3 singles

Pull up SS/bent over row
+45/225 for 12,10,8,6,4,2

Progress pic. They’ll probably all be from the back so I can keep the front and legs a secret for the transformation challenge.

Sloping Shoulders Look

That yoke is looking swole my brotha!


The goal is to have a built in travel pillow.


Jumped on top of a 48" stack of wood at work in a pair of wranglers and work boots. I think the focus on pulls is paying off.


Your work capaciry is seriously out of this world


It’s kind of you, but I still don’t believe you. These bigger sets are happening in micro-sets of 2-5 with 3-15+ seconds of deep breathing between the micro sets. I’m not putting the bar down, but the sets take a while lol.
If I can get to a point where I can do them straight, I’ll feel better about my conditioning.


1/25 Squat

Front Squat
315xplease stop blacking out during front squats. The barbell here is turning into a duffalo Bar
295 for 4 sets of 8

Cable crunches
Set of 100, no pause


1/26 press

Strict press

153.5 in 10 minutes

Triceps extensions
300 total reps, 3 variations

Okay @littlesleeper @T3hPwnisher @strongmanvinny2 or anyone else, here’s a video of a set of 5 strict press. What needs improvement?


I honestly don’t see anything jumping out. I’m really not the most technical guy, especially on overhead. Sorry I can’t be much help.


The only thing wrong is you need more weight on the bar my son!


Nothing looks obviously wrong from what I can see. Have you played around with different grip width on the barbell?


Don’t change a thing, this is one lift I can outperform you at. :wink:


Sad. I was hoping for something more than me just being weak. Well, at least it’s identifiable and conquerable. Thanks guys!

@littlesleeper I haven’t too much. I may try widening out a bit next overhead day. I can launch 185 off my chest but it hits a wall once the bar clears my head. Triceps are the weak point.

1/27 squat kinda and pulls

Front squat
315x1 beltless PR, I think
Add belt
405xnope, didn’t fight it too much. Upper back just rounded and the weight fell out at the bottom

Cleans from hang, attempting to be slightly athletic and catching in a quarter squat
205 for 25 total reps

205 for 50 total reps

Deficit conventional deadlift, beltless
315 for 7 sets of 5

Underhand cable pull down
A bunch till I didn’t want to anymore


It would seem that this is the case yet you have a strong close grip bench press and strong weighted dips which would USUALLY translate to strong triceps. I think I press a little wider than most (?), my pinky finger just inside the grooved ring. Not much closer grip than my bench press.

On a side note: how are the pup and kitty getting along?


Maybe I’ll try a wider grip. I’ve always been just an inch or so outside the smooth.

Ehh, ups and downs. Cat has taken an interest in the dog’s tail. Dog will turn around and try to lick the cat. Cat will then run, and the dog thinks this is the beginning of a game. Cat will try to hide and dog will leap and bound over and through anything in his path. It’s a vicious cycle.