Attempting WS4SB, Need Advice

Hey my name is John and im new to this site. Info on my self i play football im a WR and DB that is 6 foot tall and weighs an outstanding 164 lbs. (the name of the program suits me well, huh). To be honest i slacked off the last year with lifting i use to weigh 180 with a squat of 315 and a 40 at 4.6 now its in the area of 225 squat with 4.8 forty n thats being really nice about it too.

any ways i want to develop a template for speed,agility and explosive based workouts, any ideas ill give em a shot, i can be a human lab rat for all i care, im just willing to do anything to get my explosiveness up. I would like to break it down like this


now i have alot of questions, but ill start off with the important ones. How should i do the volume and intensity of these workouts? When do i switch up the work outs? How much speed training should i do? what types of speed drills and plyos should i be going? in what week should i deload? if any one has a startin template idea that would be great and i would keep a log on in it. thanks for your guys time on this its well appreciated

This thread’s got links to all three versions of the program, I’m thinking it’ll answer most of your questions…

I would switch up the ME lifts every 2 or 3 weeks. Assistance stuff you can change with the ME lift just to keep it simple. Find what works for you.

Thanks chief, its well appreciated. Keep up the good work.