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Attempted Deadlift


Today I attempted a 405lb deadlift.....and failed. FML


Would read again.


actually, you succeeded at not lifting it.

think positively.


This will be my new meet "thing."


Try it again next week! Maybe you were just having a bad day.


The only problem I find with having this "positive" outlook is that people will just except that they can't do it.

Example: Oh I didn't lift it... Well I'm happy anyway. gives up

I don't know... Maybe I'm just not a positive person :frowning:


Good point...next thing you know, people will accept they don't know the difference between accept and except...or a joke and seriality.


hmmm, good point.


hahah.. nice.


Boom, roasted


What was your best single or set for reps prior to the miss at 405?


Dammit. Stop posting things I agree with. That's now how this enemies on the internetz thing works!


x2...i'm curious.


go back the next day and try to do it again. sometimes it works.


HAHA!!! Burnt!!!!


Okay, but WHY did you fail?

Did your technique break down?
Did you puss out when it got really hard?
Are you too weak to lift it?
Did you warm up properly?
Did you eat well beforehand?
Did you sleep well last night?

Find the problem, fix it, lift it.


I have actually never dead-lifted super heavy. I usually do sets of 8-10 with 225. This was the first time I ever tried to max out. I got it probably 90% of the way, but felt a little un-confident about locking it out at the top. Compared with my other lifts a 400lb dead lift is pretty damn skippy. My max bench is 225 and my squat is so pathetic that I've never even attempted to max it out.


Makes sense that if squat is your weak point then you just ignore it.

I'm doing shit wrong


I didn't say I ignore it. I just said that I never cared to fall on my ass with a loaded barbell over my head.


if back squat is pathetic, try doing front, hack squats. the point is to squat, you ain't gonna get better unless you try something