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Attainable Physique


How long do you guys think it would take for me to get this physique with consistent training and a good diet? I've been training for 3 years and getting all my meals in consistently but still don't think I look like I lift.


In order to get a chest that thick and impressive, you need to sign up for a bodybuilding show, cheat on your diet every day, drop out of the show, and do a sickening amount of hammer strength bench.


Depends on where you are now. I mean, I could stop lifting for quite a while, eat a lot more, don't do any condition, and I could probably be there in a few months.


Your peen will never get that big, sorry OP


That level of forearm development is gonna take a lot of wrist curls, man.


What do you think your big 3 #'s would be at


Whats going on in here?



If you let me fuck her 3 times I can give her 6"


It was always going to be risky opening this thread up on a train. Pretty sure the guy sitting next to me just shifted over....


You want THAT physique?! What in the fuck is wrong with you? At least find a person who actually looks good and is role-model worthy!


You may want to get your sarcasm detector in for recalibration.

And to the OP, there is absolutely no way to tell how impressive that gentleman's physique is without a shoe for reference. Sorry.


what some of you fail to understand is that there is NO WAY you'll ever attain a physique like that natty.

Post pics if you have, but you won't, because you haven't, and I'm bigger than you so I win.


Ok on a more serious note its kinda interesting but this guy has a very similar physique to that of Boston Lloyds prior to his "epic" one year steroid transformation. Now who knows if the time span between him looking like this guy and transforming into the physique that won him the contra costa was in fact one year. But hey give this guy some tren test and little clen shoot a couple cc's of synthol into his muscles after working out and he will have himself a champion physique and maybe get to fuck a girl like ariana palumbo which for the love of god someone please tell me whether or not that is Dave Palumbos daughter.


No shoe, no clue.

Thems the rulez.




I could do it by laying in bed a lot, drinking about 8 dark beers plus pizza and ice cream every day, and never touching a weight.

Take about 4-5 months.


you guys realize that he's mentally retarded right?..

you're making fun of a mentally retarded perosn


If that's the case I bet he has that ever elusive and legendary retard strength


If he gets in a really intense situation does that mean that he has hysterical-retard strength or do they just cancel each other out??


A mentally retarded person who is stronger than 90% of the people on this site including me