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Attacks on Bill Roberts

Is it just me, or do there seem to be a lot of attacks recently aimed at Bill Roberts’ credibility. I, for one, have appreciated the fact that Bill has presented concepts that appear to be well-thought out. Moreover, along with Chris Shugart, he is one of the most responsive members of the T-Mag staff on these boards, and he seems to always provide relevant responses and direction to those who ask his opinion. I don’t get it! Bill, I assume you will read this at some point. Thanks for your efforts and I am sorry that a couple wanna-be’s are wasting your time and ours with cheap, factually incorrect pot shots.

Perhaps it has something to do with
a new e-book recently published. I haven’t
read it but supposedly it includes some
uncomplimentary comments. Apparently I wasn’t particularly singled out in the book, though: it sounds like the author attacked pretty much everyone he was previously associated with.

In any case a few jibes here and there aren’t
important so I’m not worried. But thank
you for the support!

There seems to be a lot of attacks on Biotest and Testosterone in general on other boards. I don’t understand why because I have been reading info on bodybuilding and nutrition for a while and Testosterone seems to come out with the best information. I think a lot of people just read negative information on other sites and just adopt it without thinking about it.

It’s just like the article on the dirty tricks of supp companies If a company comes out with a supp that is truly something new, other companies will bash the hell out of it because they didn’t come up with it and aren’t covering that part of the market. I think this has a lot to do with the thread about the Class I & II syngery theory that Bill Roberts has written about (and seems to work quite well).

If you guys will remember, a year or two ago there were suddenly tons of nasty posts about T-mag and Biotest on other forums. I think this was about the time Androsol hit the market. Tim Patterson hired some crypto-ex-military computer dude to check into it (he wrote about this in “Behind the Scenes” one time) and he traced 99% of the negative stuff back to one computer - a computer that happened to be sitting on the desk of the owner of Syntrax supplement company. I stopped buying anything by Syntrax the moment I read that. I don’t believe in karma really, but I do think negative actions by Derek Cornholio and Pat “Bennedict” Arnold will come back to haunt them.

Jealousy is such an ugly human emotion! How else can you explain all these conspiracy acquisations! Bill, count me as one of your appreciative readers who has benefited from you words of wisdom!! Few individuals in the body building supplement industry have contributed to the genuine benefit of the masses as has Mr. Roberts! Sorry that’s a nuff ass kissin!

I feel that the very reason Biotest and Testosterone get this flack is because they are sooooo head’s and shoulder’s above any other company in the biz. And the competitors know it! So, mudslinging will only continue. Personally, I just laugh becuase I know that Biotest is the one and only real deal. I am so impressed with every aspect of this organization. So finally, I want to say good job guys and stay true to what you are doing because it is what has made you unique!

I’ve been to a board (bored by their attacks) where the owner of a competitor to Mag10 posts. They complain about Mag10, and Biotest and the Forums because they are monitored and every post is not allowed including negative ones. To me it just seems like they are stroking the owner and make his product appear better that anything Biotest produces. The truth if you visit his website he tries to be like Biotest. Just jealousy.

these attacks are just jealousy where else can you get reliable info like biotests NOWHERE!!!

I was about to post the same thing. Looks like somone is jealous. The funny thing, is that Bill has put the choke hold on each and every one of these “attacks”. Whoever you are, its time to Tap. Bill’s got game.