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Attack on 6' 6" Bodybuilding Music Teacher


A MUSIC teacher was attacked and robbed of his mobile phone after a night out celebrating his 25th birthday.
Adam Winward, of St Matthew's Drive, Northowram, was yards from his front door when two youths jumped him at 3.30am on Saturday morning.

The 6ft 6in bodybuilder was left with severe bruising and cuts across his face and torso after the assault, which took place in a snicket connecting Bradford Road and St Matthew's Drive.

His top was ripped off during the five-minute struggle, while one attacker repeatedly warned he had a knife.

His mum, Bridget Winward, said: "He'd been out in Halifax celebrating and this has left him completely shaken.

"You don't expect to be attacked in Northowram. It is a lovely, quiet little village and the fact that these two yobs seem to have been lying in wait for someone is very scary.

She said the muggers â?? both described as white and thought to be in their teens â?? ran off with the phone but Mr Winward's wallet was found in trampled bushes the next day.

Police are looking into the incident...


So the 6'6 bodybuilder got jumped for his cellphone and got banged up a little?


Who cares?


This was in the UK, right?

I'd like to see pictures of this so-called bodybuilder.






Lol, he'd be all over this.


Thats called getting rolled. Don't walk around stumbling drunk because you can get fucked up real easy that way.


Yes, the UK. The country where even boyscouts can't have a knife. British citizens, i hate to say it, deserve all of this for letting themselves be completely disarmed and turning into walking victims. So why do they even cry and report about being victims? Didn't they want it badly? Why else would they disarm themselves.


Why is there a picture of your boyfriend's abs on here Blacksnake. What does he have to do with this thread? Are YOU the 6'6" bodybuilder who was attacked?


Did you actually type that on purpose...?
Did you think really hard to come up with a reply that would demonstrate to people why you shouldn't be entitled to an opinion on the subject...?

Fucking idiot.


haha he may be 6'6 but there is no way this dude is bodybuilder


LOL who the hell attacks a 6'6 bber???
and worse , what kinda 6'6 bber would admit to being whoopped and mugged?

need more functional muscle


YEAH!!!! WOuld have been much better to just shoot the two teens and then go home for a nice nights sleep!!!!

Wouldnt talk too much mate as your all about to have your guns taken away from you!

Your bill of rights will soon be a thing of the past my friend!

Anyone with a missdeamenor is now considerd a TERRORIST and has no rights. They now have the right to take you away with no proof or evidence of anything, take you to another country and torture and kill you just by saying you ar ea terrorist all of this with no lawyer, no court no nothing.

The youth in England are the biggest scum of the earth, and thats coming from someone that is English and NOT proud to be it!!


The guy probably wasn't that big. Most people don't go around attacking enormous (6'6" 300 lbs.) dudes just to get a cell and some small cash. They won't risk it. They want to get in and get out with as little hassle as possible.


Better yet, why is Samir Bannout preparing to rape someone in your avatar?


I'm trying to imagine this happening to someone like Joel Stubbs. I mean I'm REALLY trying to imagine it.

Nope. Can't do it.