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Attack of the Clones

Yeah it’s a dumb name, The Clone Wars would have been way better. Who’s seen the latest trailer? I got mine off Kazaa. It looks like it will be better than TPM because TPM was too fuzzy & nice & stupid with the Gungans & their blue balls. EpII will be better because it won’t be like that. The Jedis get killed off & it looks like there’s going to be lots more action & killing. Too bad there won’t be a naked scene with Natalie Portman like those rumors were saying.

can’t wait. i’m a star wars geek, tpm was disappointing because i thought it was overproduced and more time was spent on special effects than the acting and i thought the annakin skywalker character was not real believaable as an 8-year-old. i think this one’s gonna be real good, though. plus, bobba fet’s gonna be in it, hell’s yeah!!

No matter what, EP2 will be directed and written by George Lucas, who did the same for EP1 and Star Wars. But, “so what” you say. It does matter. The strongest movie of this “franchise” is “The Empire Strikes Back”. It was co-written by the now Ex of Mr. Lucas and directed by (the excellent) Irvin Kirshner. Irvin passed away soon after the release. However, he brought the characters to life by erasing the charicatures upon which they were created on in Star Wars. I tell you, do this test: turn Star Wars on - and close your eyes and listen to that insipid, cliche-riddled dialogue. While I was happy I got to see it when I was but a child, I didn’t want to see it again. Nope. The movie I wanted, and did, see twice was Close Encounters of the Third Kind, a year later. NOW that movie blew my mind. And still does. But as for now? And EP1 just proved how bad of a director Georgey is. He oversaw EVERYTHING. EP1 was the most expensive independent movie ever made (independent, because it was all out of Mr. Lucas’ wallet) at over $100 milion to make. And it was boring and lackluster and none of the human elements that made the first three entertaining. I’m expecting better - but I have a “no confidence” clause against ol’ Lucas. I’m anticipating Blade2, Spider-Man and The Two Towers. And next year, it’ll be X2 (X-Men 2) and The Hulk (and possibly Daredevil) and hopefully The Matrix sequels (Reloaded and Revolutions). Oh, and a really cool French director (recent flick, Vidocq), may helm Catwoman. THAT’LL be kewl.

i couldn’t have put it any better patricia, the storyline was so much better in the original trilogy than in tpm, its like they spent all this time in special effects but not enough in the storyline

TPM? Story line? Sorry, but no. It was a 100 million dollar marketing tool. Nothing gritty about it, all ‘nice nice’ and PC. gag I hope the next one is better… and I have to disagree with you Patricia, I liked Star Wars best, though if they hadn’t added the stupid Ewoks ‘Return’ would have been the best.

Bobba Fett won’t be in it, it’s before his time & yeah Ep5 was the best one. The best part of course is when Darth Vader says ‘no I am your father!’ & Luke is like ‘NOOO WTF?!’. But then RotJ has Princess Leia in that bikini…

Kind of off topic but what would have made The Phantom Menace the greatest movie ever, and Attack of the clones still has this chance, was have Sam L. Jackson in a sparring scene and ask for a his lightsaber(sp?). When someone would ask him,“Which one?”
he would reply,“The one that says ‘Bad Motherfucker’.” I’m a real geek for posting this and since no one has even cussed in any of those movies its stupid to even talk about. But I would become the biggest George Lucas fan if that happened.

Allow me to elucidate as to the reasoning behind Empire’s superiority. First of all, it set the standard, upon it’s release and for years after, of Sci Fi. In terms of special FX and storyline. It was set at a faster pace than SW (action sequences) and the dialogue was 200x better written. Let’s not forget that it was also better directed. The characters had grown and matured tremendously and no one can tell me that they didn’t hold their breath during the Asteroid Chase Scene. And yes, the scene where Darth says…“Luuuke, I AM your FATHERRRR” was a show stopper. SW was the first, and it had oodles of charm and appeal in terms of the story of the “farm boy” goes onto save the universe. And than god for Sir Alec Guinness and his seasoned ability to add “ooomph” to cliche’d dialogue. But Empire expanded my horizons. And still appeals to me to this day. While SW looks dated and the dialogue is a tad more rediculous, Empire has held up to the test of time. Empire had a darker feel to it, which is why I think some people are drawn more to SW. However, Return is just plain - juvenile -despite the Chase Scene through the forrests (which is just awesome) - and blame it’s mediocrity to Mr. Lucas. Now, let’s just hope that Lucas’ teenage daughters have taste, because he’s done some things in EP2 for his daughters. Such as adding N’Sync as Jedi Warriors. At least Lucas used Lawrence of Arabia and Kurosawa as inspirations for SW. oh well.

I was truly disappointed with TPH, since I felt like I had wandered into a muppet movie. Gearing the movie toward 9 nine old kids and making it all cutesy was a terrible mistake. the movie still did well, but not nearly as well if it had been a serious movie. Also, why did they have Anakan just pressing random buttons and accidentally winning the battle, when they could have used the situation to show just how strong the force in him and that it made him a superior pilot even at such a young age.

I think Empire was the best of them all because it was darker then the rest of them. You see all the characters going through different struggles, and it showed in the way the cast acted. Also, there weren’t any cute characters that was responsible for degrading “Jedi” and “Phantom.” I thought Phantom just plain sucked because the story dragged when there could have been more content in that 2+ hour time slot. Remember that scene in Empire when Vader told Luke he was his father, and Luke was saying “That’s not true” many times? I think Luke had to take a dump in that scene, but was having a hard time pushing it out. Whenever I’m on a keto diet and I’m constipated as fuck, I look like Luke in that scene.

As a big STAR WARS fan I agree with patritica. Who cares about the storyline were there to see the Jedi Knights and how the charecters evloved.

I bet most people didn’t even read the first three books. Oh well neither did I. But I will go see the movie will I wait on line No but I will go see the CLONE WARS I think it will be a great sequel… But STAR WARS, EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, and RETURN OF THE JEDI will always be on the top my list before the TPM or Clone wars… But I can’t wait until the third instalment I think it will be the darkest and shows how the Empire came about I think that will be the best Star Wars movie ever… I can’t wait for that one…

I guess the saying goes SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST…

Has anyone ever made six consecutive good movies? In a series? The first two were good. I only saw parts of TPM at home. It looked like the old gladiator movies of the '50s and '60s.

Thought I should throw this in: James Earl Jones has confirmed that George Lucas has asked him to be available for EP3 (voice)…hmmm, I wonder why? I have also just read a review of the rought cut of EP2. The battle between Yoda and Count Dooku (Christopher Lee) sounds VERY good. However, Anakin has grown from a spoiled brat to a spoiled teen. And folks, Lucas has said that EP3 wouldn’t be out until he was 60-yrs old.

But as I said before EP2 will be filler for Blade2 (which sounds UNBELIEVABLE now - have read some reports on pre-screenings), especially with the GOD director, Guillermo Del Toro. Spider-Man (Sam Raimi, yeah!) and LoTR:The Two Towers. Hey, I'm a movie geek - can't hide my enthuisiasm.

You like Spider-Man? You like Blade? You think Empire was the overall best Star Wars movie? You actually KNOW about the upcoming DD, Hulk, and X-Men 2 flicks? That ko is one lucky sumbitch! And please say that bit about a limp-dicked boy band playing Jedi Knights isn’t so! No wonder Palpatine ends up in charge. That solidifies it, I know which side I’ll be rooting for from now on. I know, I know, I’m a geek. Put the flamethrower down guys.

Hate to brag but she also likes football, boxing and beer.

Dude, I’m the one who keeps my boyfriend updated on these “important” issues. And I have to say that it is sad, but true that them N’Sync dudes will be seen as Jedi Knights. However, they will be quickly killed, so their appearance will be brief. The scene will be that HUGE battle where it’s Clones vs. Jedi and the Jedi are anihilated.

Brag away man. Patricia sounds like she has a LOT in common with my Vixen. I love the fact that I don’t have to explain “guy stuff” like why I run around the house in my undies on the weekends and why buying a drill press is in fact a very good idea. Actually, come to think of it, the drill press was HER idea (sigh). Now if I can just convince her to install a grease pit in the garage…

Sadly, I won’t be able to stand and cheer when the In Sink boys are offed, as I am not going to see Episode Two in theaters. After nearly after walking out of Episode One for being a complete shit sandwich I can’t stomach another two hour Lucas marketing tool. BUT…since Hollywood has finally getting around to making decent film adaptations of Marvel Comics, I at least have something to watch. BTW, any word on the rumored Fantastic Four movie? And what do you think of Raimi’s decision to go with organic web shooters for Spidey? I got chills when I saw the original trailer, and a new one will be available online tomorrow.

Y’know I got to see and hear Mr. Raimi talk about Spider-Man this past summer down in San Diego (2001 International Comic-Con). AND I got to sit and stare and listen to John Carpenter. Anywhoos, I LOVE what Sam Raimi has done with Spidey (from what I’ve seen so far)- he’s a comicbook nut and I LOVE his movies! I trust him explicitly and firmly believe he’s the only one who could direct this flick (the same with Ang Lee and The Hulk), and I think the casting for the flick has been spot-on. Read the current issue of Movieline, very good interview with Mr. Raimi and they talk about the whole “organic web-shooter” thang. And yes, the NEW trailer - holding my breath - can’t wait. I get email updates from Sony Pictures on Spider-Man. Woo hoo! And if ya got a DVD player, may I recommend the Conan, Big Trouble in Little China and Excaliber DVDs’? They all have EXCELLENT commentary tracks. Besides being great flicks. And EVERY household should have both tools and toys (DVDplayer, Playstation, power drills…) wringing hands in glee oh my…!!!

Don’t know about The F4, but can you say Hulk and Daredevil movies? That’s right! In the making! If I remember correctly the director of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is doing the Hulk movie. Screw Star Wars, bring on the Spiderman Movie! Oh yeah, and Blade 2 no doubt. I’m sick of Hobbits by the way.