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Attack of the 3D!


So im a big movie goer and recently i have seen a big push for 3D in movies i guess you could say after Avatar the push for 3D is alot more prevalent now. And im starting to wonder if its bad. I mean i like avatar it was engrossing with the 3D. But for instance Im seeing the commercials for 'Clash of the Titans' and they putting thats in 3D as a big part of the movie. However it seems like a movie that would be better in just the regular 2D. I don't know just a grip about the whole 3D thing thats being pushed.


it's because it isn't possible to bootleg a 3d movie


its so cool I wish real life was in 3d..


They still have regular 2D for that dumbass. But yes I have noticed this. Shit, kids wear the fucking glasses around my school. It makes ME feel like a jackass just witnessing this crap.



It's also the same thing as the dumbing down of video games. If they make the graphics more visually stimulating nobody cares that the plot and acting are terrible.


Someone has compared this to the first days of movies and the first days of sound movies. When the movies first became available to the public, a lot if not all of them were focused on doing tricks with the movement and image that were not possible in traditional theater. The plot and the cinematic narrative were developed later, as the tricks were not enough to draw in people anymore and film-makers realized the potential of the film.

The same happened with the sound film, at first the films contained a lot of dialogue and music or were straight-up musicals, or the sounds were designed to make an impact on the audience rather than serve as a narrative device. Later on it just became a integral part of the films.

The same thing will most likely happen with the 3D too. At first it is used as a way to amaze the audience through (cheap) visual tricks, and the plots of the 3D movies might not be up for the comparison with recent 2D movies. But as the mere 3D-trickery is no longer enough to lure in people, it will become part of the films the same way sound did and movie-makers will again focus on other aspects.


I'm going to see "Clash of the Titans" when it opens. I don't need to see it in 3D.


I'm looking at the flyer that came in the mail from a major electrinics store. 55" Samsung 3D LED HDTV $4000, 3D Blue-ray disc player $400, special 3D HDMI cable $90, 3D glasses $250. It also mentions twenty four titles coming out for it this year.

I went and saw Avatar in 3D and was blown away, however I'm skeptical it will be as engrossing when I'm sitting on my couch. Man it would be nice to have a room strickly for TV. I will have to go check it out when they have the demos going on in the store.

Imagine what it will look like for a little kid to watch cartoons in 3D...lucky little shits lol.


I'm pretty excited about the 3d thing. I haven't gone to see movies except on dates in a long time. When I was a kid... No, really though- We had those funky ass two color cardboard things that completely sucked. The 3d effect was about as cheezy as anything could be, and the whole experience was just plain ass.

The stuff that they are doing now is very neat. I actually want to go see a couple of the movies like Clash of The Titans and Alice in Wonderland.

In a couple of years when they make a movie that is not in 3d, people are going to complain about how flat it looked and how stupid it is to not have it.


Did anyone got eye-ache or head ache? I did when I first watched "Avatar", but took my little sister to "Alice in Wonderland" and I was fine; strange?


My opinion is that making every movie in '3D' is a forced and sad attempt at increasing the quality of movies. It doesn't do that, it just makes them annoying.

Most of the 3D movies irritate your eyes, while wearing stupid glasses that if you accidently touch, causes a big smudge on the lense that will annoy the fuck out of you the entire movie.

I saw Avatar in 3D and 2D and 2D was far more enjoyable.


I HATE 3D. All it does is give me a headache. I have never watched one of those movies where I could lose myself in the experience.

I realize that eventually movies and entertainment will probably utilize holograms and even other sense-specific modifications...but this 3D crap has had two previous surges in movies, once in the late 70's-80, again with Freddy's Dead...and now yet again with these mega-CGI releases.


yep yep yep! 3-D is the wave of the future. Eventually things will be so real that when the onscreen character dies people in the audience will have heart attacks and vomit. Children sneaking into high-sinsory-simulators will leave the theater with post-traumatic-stress-syndrome. Shell shock as it were.

Good times await!


Same here, it hurts my eyes.


What are you guys talking about? Groups will still release 3D movies...


Costs an extra few quid to see a 3D movie... and it's comparatively cheap to turn a 2D movie 3D. Saw alice in wonderland yesterday and the 3D was nothing more than a gimmick. At least in Avatar it was made with 3D in mind, not just to turn an extra buck.

All movies are being turned to 3D now because it's all about the bottom line, not with the audience in mind. Even with a student discount my ticket was £7.50 (about $13)



The only reason I haven't downloaded Avatar is because it looks like a shitty movie, but that doesn't mean I can't get it.


The only thing i have seen in 3D was Captain EO at disneyland when i was a kid. I refuse to go see a 3D movie now because i know it will give me a headache.