Attach Scoop in Grow!?

I love Grow!. I think it is a great substance. I have one complaint and I hope Biotest will consider helping me out.

Could you guys please attach the scoop to the lid for shipping. The damn thing is buried way down in there. I accidently threw away my scoop from my last bottle. Even if you woulde just post how many tsp or tbs to use, on the jar. Then I will leave them along.



I wish they would do something. I mail order 90% of all my suplements and Grow! is the only one I have to dig half way into the jug to get the scoop.

You guys are seriously complaining about not being able to find the scoop in a Grow! container? Wow.

Heres what you do. Take a fork, stick it in the container, and move it around until you find the scoop.

This reminds me of that Seinfeld episode.

[i]Elaine opens up a bottle of chocolate milk and takes a swig.

Elaine: Ohhh God! Thats horrible! Whats the date on this?

Jerry: Well did you shake it up?

Elaine: No, why do I always have to shake everything up, I don’t want to do that.

Jerry then takes the bottle and starts to gently shake it around and says “Oh man, this is killin me.”[/i]

I can never ‘accidently’ throw away the scoop cause you know the chances for the scoop to sit on top when you open it are slim. Beside, Grow! is cheaper here anyway, I think it’s worth the ‘hard’ work of saving the scoop from your last tub.


Stop being a vagina. Take a fork and find it. Or, call customer service and maybe they’ll send Charles Poliquin over to fish it out for you.

I think that he would have to give Chuck his Grow! as payment for the service though.

If this has happened to you before, why don’t you just save one of the scoops from a used container?

I always have several containers in use at one time, so when I crack open a new one and can’t easily get the scoop, I just borrow it from a different one.


You mean you don’t eat it straight outta the bottle?