Att Bill Roberts, cAMPk vs mTOR Timing

Bill I figure your one of the only ones that might know the science behind my question.

From what I read and understand certain actions/behaviors like cardio and low carbs/calories or keeping insulin levels low, and and certain substances like forskolin, resveratrol or stimulants will increase cAMPK which is good for fat burning and longevity.

To build muscle we need the opposite action which is mTOR activation from resistance training and plenty of carbs protein and insulin activation and ingestion of things like luecine, micro pa etc.

My question is how long do the effects of either one last? For example if I’m dieting and doing morning cardio with my dose of forskolin how long will this last or will it interfere later in the day if I took let’s say Micro PA and/or Plazma and MAG-10 for my peri workout potocol and lifted weights?

Will the mTOR activation from an afternoon workout last all night or interfere with cAMPK if I wanted to turn things down later at night with low carbs/calories and a dose of forskolin and resveratrol to get back into fay burning through the night till next morning?

Basically I’m trying to figure out a way to optimize the positive aspects of both cAMPK and mTOR and was wondering if it’s possible to switch back and forth in one day. Or is the timing too long making it better to switch between the two each day like having a low cal cardio cAMPK day and the next day doing my mTOR focused day. O even better yet to do long term cycles concentrating on only one at a time?

Hope my question isn’t too long or confusing. Thats why I was asking how long the effects of each one last so i can go back and forth between the two every day. Thanks

Bump for anyone. I can’t believe no one on this site knows the duration of cAMP or mTOR once activated.