Atrophy on Blast and Cruise. HCG?

Straight to the point … I’m 6 months into my blast an cruise an currently suffering from atrophy. I just want a bit of life back in my balls … what’s the lowest dose of hcg I can take just to perk them up? Also how long can I use hcg alongside T for?

I’m cruising on 200mg per week my stats are

30 years old



Fairly lean.

Training 5 day’s a week.

250iu twice a week of HCG should be enough to get your LH receptors going again. You can run HCG indefinitely during your cruise. I would stop using it during a blast though. Also there will be aromatization in your balls that no AI will stop. Just an FYI.

I was using 500iu twice a week and had good enough results to get the wife preggo. This is right after a tren cycle.

So if I was to stay on a trt dose I can carry on with the hcg forever?

I was reading about it raising my E levels … I was debating starting low an finding my lowest dose that will bring my balls back lol.

So 100 2x a week of this doesn’t work 200 2 x a week … I wanna be careful with my estro levels.

Thanks for the info!

This is correct.

I would start at 250iu 2x weekly. So 500iu total per week. If you are on trt you should have bloods done and know what you E2 values are. But I wouldn’t see it raising things too terribly much at 500iu per week.

I cruise on 250mg test e and even with 1000iu of HCG per week my E2 values were fine. But we are all individualistic. Bloods will help you in the long run.

Thanks for the advice. I will start 250iu 2x on my cruise. An drop it in every blast right?

I can’t get bloods done right now due to the virus.:frowning:

Are there any sides with long term hcg?

I am on a low dose of T and going to be on it for the foreseeable future. Is it ok to take low dose HCG alongside? Thinking of taking it for atrophy. What are the side effects if any? Also how long can I use it for?

Thanks in advance.

HCG will raise your e2 significantly, which is not necessarily a bad thing.
It can also make you feel tired the first two weeks.
It needs to be taken at least EOD in my opinion.
And yes if you can stick it to your cycle and do not have too bad sides in my humble it is good to have it with test.

I’m on a blast and cruise … so I was thinking of taking it during the cruises?

I’ve been told 250iu twice a week will be enough to bring the nuts back an not cause major E problems.

It would, but I personally did not feel good on twice per week. I do it now 100 ui daily, in my mind 200 ui EOD is also good enough. Just for avoiding atrophy 250 UI twice per week can work. For me HCG boosts my libido and sensitivity and thats why I want it ED

Thanks bro and is it ok to take along side t for the long run? Have you had any sides? What is the sensitivity about?

If you feel good it is ok yes. Without HCG Ive lost sensitivity down there HCG fixed that