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Atrocious Smell ! Not Human?

I am usually the kind of person able to handle almost anything. It’s been a while since I have been truly tested and it seems I have met my match. I am now truly convinced that the smell of someone will be potent enough to knock out a 300kg bear.

Compare the smell of this guy at my gym to this of a rotting corpse strapped to the radiator of a v8 pickup truck and you’ve got it! This is the most powerful revolting smell you will ever come across in your life, it’s very simple to know when this man is around, just breath through your nose and prepare to pass out!

I am not sure how this guy reproduces this “uniquely blended odour” but boy it’s bad enough to raise the dead or kill someone at the same time.

I suppose it is normal and even selectively acceptable for some people to have a bit of a smell after a good workout. When it becomes a problem is when people deliberately act like they have pulled a muscle just to get out of the same room as you, come to think of it, this is the perfect plan to have the gym all to your self. I am sure I’m not the only one with this kind of “friend” and the local gym.

I smelled someone who smelled bad once as well.

Yeah, I’ve been in situations at the gym where you wonder whether somebody showers more than once a year. It’s revolting.

I’m going to the gym in an hour. That didn’t stop me from showering this morning and applying plenty of deodorant.

There was a guy at my gym like that last year. His stench was so bad that it’d linger around whatever equipment he’d just used for like 20 minutes. I mean the last thing I want in the squat rack is to avoid breathing so as to not take the noxious odor into my nose.

Anyway, everyone in the gym complained about the dude, so they had to post the obvious at the entrance of the gym–all members must wear clean clothes in the gym and avoid being noxiously smelly. So then the guy still wouldn’t bathe. He just started slapping on buckets of cologne before working out.

Same problem, except this time you’re choking on cheap cologne 20 minutes after he walked away. So then they had to post a new note all over the gym that you have to wear clean clothes, not smell disgusting AND not wear fragrances that overpower the gym. I think after that he finally caught on for a while, but I haven’t seen him around in a few months now.

I suppose they could have just kicked him out of the gym altogether, but lets just say he was from a part of the world that might not value regular bathing as much as other parts of the world and I think they were making an attempt to be culturally sensitive or something.

In the guy’s defense though, he did work really hard and he made tremendous gains in the time he was coming in, but come on dude, a shower every now and then isn’t going to melt all your hard earned muscle away.

kid in my gym class made me and quite a few others gag today, someone approached him and was nice about it said "buddy can you please wear deodorant and wash your cloths? he replied “sure, I haven’t washed them in 2 weeks anyway”

actually disgusting horrible, and another kid got sent home from school for “hygienic reasons”

Now if we’re talking about high school, then probably everybody had that one teammate who wouldn’t wash his practice stuff all season for good luck.

When I was a frosh, the starting LG said that he wouldn’t wash his practice gear unless the team lost a game.

Unfortunately, I guess, the team started 12-0…

dude, i know that smell. it is piercing and pungeat.

there was a kid in my 8th grade class who was a fattie with a wicked BO, a sinus problem so he couldn’t smell anything and never showered and never cleaned his gym clothes. there was mold growing on his gym clothes from being the lockers all year.

in soccer games OUTSIDE, he scored so many points because everyone refused get close to him to play defense!

the teachers and the coach yelled at him a couple of times about this odor and shit, but to no avail. it finally took a group of mothers at a pta meeting to ganged up on his mother to do something. turns out the mother had the same problem and had no clue being unable to smell and smelling had herself…


And you made him bathe? Way to take away a decisive advantage on the field…

[quote]florianopolis wrote:

in soccer games OUTSIDE, he scored so many points because everyone refused get close to him to play defense!


You think that smells bad? Try smelling a guy who’s been dead on his floor for 2 weeks.

That’s the worst smell of all time.

[quote]allNatural wrote:
I smelled someone who smelled bad once as well.[/quote]

same here