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Atrial Fibrillation During AAS Use

hey guys new to this site and I really need some help. Back in may I started my first time ever cycle.i studied and read as much as I could to be prepared
And to be ready for it. Being my first time I did not want to try stacking multiple things and getting confused. I purchased a pre designed bulking 12 week cycle of test e 1 inj@ 250mg,100mg deca on Monday and again on Thursday.this would be a total of 500mg of test e and 200mg of deca weekly.

I would take .5mg of anastrozole every other day ( got bad migraines if taken everyday like the kit said to do) everything was going great great gains lifting,libido,mental focus etc.i worked out 4-5 days a week.i drank an energy drink 1 can a day,and took 2 scoops of noxplode before every workout.all was great until one night setting in church I noticed myself having to take big gasps of air like I was trying to catch my breath.to make a long story short I let this go on for 1 week before going to see a doc.i thought I was getting sick maybe because the breathing would come and go.well they rushed me to Er, my heart was In Afib.

They shocked me back into rhythm.i never finished the cycle was only into week 8.doc said the steroids would not cause afib and he said the energy drinks and workout powders are what caused it.my question is,can someone chime on this if they

Agree with this? In scared to try steroids again if this will happen to me again.i have never drank energy drinks again and do not use any type of workout powders just water.can steroids cause afib?also what are stickys on here and where do i find them?I don’t need to be put down for not knowing i just want to learn thanks guys!!!

If I had any problems with my heart I wouldn’t be fucking around with anything

It’s probably the energy stuff. I had afib a couple of months after heart failure. The first thing the Dr asked me if I was taking any preworkout stuff