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Atrial Fibrillation and Test Enanthate


Hey guys,
I am currently 7-8 weeks into my test cycle and yesterday I went to the ER with Atrial Fibrillation. I was just wondering if any of you have experienced this with a test/adex cycle and how did you react to it? I was honest with my doc about the test and he directed me to cut out the test/adex. I am more than likely going to end the cycle, however, I am curious as to what others think. The doc seemed to put a lot of blame on the Adex so i was debating continuing with the test and not the adex.

My current cycle is as follows.

week 1-10 500mg test enanthate
week 1-10 .25mg EOD
PCT - week 12-16 nolva 40/40/20/20

any information would be greatly appreciated!



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Sorry if this is a dumb question but what would donating blood do too test blood levels? Anything?

Also how does that help with the adex issue? Thanks!


I think he is referring to the fact that many AAS will increase your red blood cell count. However, based on the literature I've read, I cannot find any correlation between increased red blood cell count and atrial fibrillation. If you have found anything I would be more than grateful if you passed it along. As an update on my situation. I have decided to halt all intake of Adex and took one more shot of test at 250mg, thus completing my 8th week and more than likely my cycle unless I can come up with a solution before my next injection due date. thanks guys.


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hmm interesting. I would be interested in hearing more about this. How do you handle your AF when it occurs?


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Correct me if I'm wrong BBB, but didnt you extract blood by your self to get rid of your problem.


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did/do you continue with cycle? It seems both times I've gotten it, its been brought on by high intensity workouts. (sprinting, etc.) However, I am going to end this cycle early at 8 weeks. Still glad I've managed to add bout 16lbs with minimal water retention :slight_smile:


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"Self-phlebotomy was one of the most effective things I have done to myself. A one-off treatment and no return of symptoms. "

^^^you crack me up Bushy


Seriously...BBB, you are a braver man than I!


me too... thats nuts..

so did you just do self-phlebotomy and continue with cycle?


also, I had blood work done, perhaps the doc will see that on the results?


its not as nuts as one thinks, not if you have a good basic understanding of your own body and where/how to hit a vein to donate blood.
I was having blood pressure issues along with Atrial fibrillation and some breathing issues all from some long term aas use.
It was not the aas themselves but it was the fact that aas does produce rbc and with too much blood you have these issues.
I also went in and "donated" almost 1 liter of blood and issues were gone and have yet to return.
I was unable to donate because my hemocrit was too high.
it was like any normal day, nothing changed not in my cycle or my lifestyle,20 minutes in the bathroom and I was done with it.


Jealous that BBB was getting all the credit?

jk.... I don't fuck with my veins, at least intentionally.


lol, funny guy,
anyways if you cut your test/a'dex short are you prepared to feel like crap for a while?
I would have the doc test your hemocrit and if its elevated ask him if that could be causing the issues.
start from there.

you can also start taking aspirin and make sure your hydrated,this causes minimal relief but it does work.a few weeks after your pct and your blood levels are back to normal you should feel alot better,that is if you want to wait it out.


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I'm assuming that I am going to feel like crap regardless eventually.. however, I may donate blood tomorrow... just to see if it helps. Also, I am now 5 days since my last injection (Friday) and was supposed to inject Tuesday which I did not. So, If I do donate blood and notice the symptoms dissipating, how would you more experienced guys suggest I resume the cycle? or would it be best to save it for next cycle and use this as a learning process?