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ATP, Magnesium


they say atp is the energy currnecy of the cell, does atp always come as atp-mg2 ?


I think so... I believe ATP is stored at MgATP. Without sufficient Mg, ATP can be broken down easily into ADP or inorganic phosphates.

so take your magnesium.


what is the best (most bioavailable?) form of magnesium to take?


I believe that -ates are the most bioavailable form. Like ZMA, with zinc and magnesium aspartate.


Citrate, at least from the literature I have seen. I am sure that aspartate works well too, but for standalone citrate seems to slightly outperform amino acid chelates.


are you guys thinking you're short on ATP? it might not be the first deficiency I would look at remedying.




inside your body can atp exist as just atp or does it have to be attached to something like magnesium?