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ATP and 5-HTP

okay. this thread deals with not only two very different supps but geos on to show you how different white and black are.

okay, so i’m feeling alittle depressed and so i go to the online vitamin store and i notice that 5-htp is really good non prescription remedy for depresion as well as a host of other things. so i order some. and i get my order and i’m anctious to take some so i take some ATP and i sit there like a strait dildo for hours and i’m wondering what the f is up?

So that was when i realized that they sent me the wrong product ATP instead of 5-HTP. ATP is what is produces pain.
So i was sitting there for two days in a row looking as if i was in extreme pain. LOL

Umm, ATP is the molecule that provides your body with the energy to carry out most cell functions, it’s created in every cell in the body. Not sure why you were in pain, I have no idea of the efficacy of ATP supplements either.

Nevertheless, that was a pretty funny post. Good luck on getting the 5-HTP.

ATP does not cause pain. I don’t know where you got this from. As stated earlier, it is the primary energy source for the body.

Cheer up, mate. Life is to short to be depressed! I have a heart condition, and I know I could keel over at any minute, so I had better spend my life doing things worthwhile rather than sitting around feeling sorry for myself.

5-HTP is not often used for depression, so I dont know where they are getting their information from. Depending on severity of your depression, you can take either A) St. John’s Wort or B) Valerian Root. Both are used often for depression, with Valerian Root being the stronger of the two. THOUGH! I would be interested to hear about your diet and exercise habits. Please PM me. Also, Maxx please PM me aswell, as I have a question in reference to another thread, about your heart condition.

ATP produces pain? WTF are you smoking??

Actually 5-HTP is the direct precursor of seratonin, which is one of the neurotransmitters. Prozac and the other SSRI’s act to increase the levels of serratonin in the brain as does 5-HTP. While the SSRI’s can take 4-6 weeks to work, 5-HTp usually works in a week or less.

How well any remedy works for depression will depend on whether that remedy is the right one for your particular neurotransmitter problem or problems.