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ATP Absorption in Cells?


can cells absorb extracellular atp?


I'm going to say no. Even if they do, it is not going to be an appreciable amount. Your body will actually turnover around your weight in it a day. The levels are usually quite constant and it is used up as it is made. It matters little as a molecule of ATP will be recycled somewhere on the order of 1000 times per day.

It does have some signaling abilities in the nervous system and it activates purinergenic receptors in tissues throughout the body, perhaps this is why some bodybuilders have used it in the past.


thanks for the response very hlpful


i read that atp is not very stable, how stable is atp/mg2?


you made a previous thread about ATP. What is your obsession with ATP?


He wants to know if taking magnesium supplements and ATP in pill form will turn you into superman.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way.