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Power Training by Robert Dos Remedios

I love walking through Barnes and Noble and finding books by people I know. Last week, I picked up this fantastic book by Coach Dos. I read Power Training in one sitting and had one thought: I wish I would have picked this up sooner.

Dos, the head S and C coach at College of the Canyons, is a master at training athletes. What makes Power Training so great, though, is the real-world exercise program application. Dos outlines more than a dozen exercises I never knew existed and shows how to perfectly integrate them into an exercise program that makes sense.

I usually write my own programs, so I was excited to see that Dos laid out the groundwork and base program, but left the exercise selection up to me.

I went to the gym yesterday to try out some of the new movements and start my first program, a 12 week, push-pull, 4-day-a-week hypertrophy cycle on Monday.

Pick this book up. You won't regret it.


Pumice Stones

Deadlifts are good and make you a bad-ass motherfucker. Tearing calluses is bad and hurts like a bad-ass motherfucker.

Enter the pumice stone.

I was too embarrassed to buy one from the local beauty shop so I nonchalantly stood outside the door and persuaded the first person that walked by - a blue-haired old lady - to go in and buy me one while I hid behind a display of moisturizer.

I gave her five dollars and a hug.


AJ Jacobs

AJ Jacobs is my new favorite author. He's an editor at Esquire magazine and has written two books. The Know-It-All is a hilarious memoir about Jacobs reading the entire encyclopedia from A to Z. I learned and laughed more than I have in a very long time.

His recent book, The Year of Living Biblically, details his full year experiment of trying to live the ultimate pious life by following the Bible as closely as possible. He grows an unruly beard. He wears clothes that are not of mixed fibers. He stones adulterers. He doesn't pick and choose certain passages, but tries to live them all.

This guy is just freakin' awesome. Check out this article by Jacobs to see what I mean:



Rogue Brewery

These guys in Oregon know how to make some amazing beer.

My favorites:

Brown Nectar
Dead Guy Ale
Shakespeare Stout



The Boss

I'll admit it: I'm not really a big Springsteen fan. But I felt compelled to buy the new album, Magic, for two reasons:

  1. My dad loves him
  2. My most recent personal training client is the bass player for the world-famous E-Street band. I figured he'd beat me up with a guitar if I didn't buy his CD.

He's been working with me for the last month or so, but had to take a long hiatus to go on tour. He gave me three tickets to the San Francisco show next week.

When I called my dad and told him he immediately booked three tickets to Cali (I live in Montana).

Looks like a bad-ass bonding trip!

So what's currently rocking your world?


It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

This is easily the funniest show on tv, and it has become one of my top 3 favorite shows ever. As I mentioned in another thread, 10pm/ET has become my new Sabbath.



Currently rocking my world? I'd say the Showtime show Dexter, the latest (and last) album by my favorite band Ash (Twilight Of The Innocents), and my absolute NEED to get the hell out of IRAQ!!!!


Fantastic show. The first "Nightman" song/scene from "Dee is Dating a Retard" is beyond classic.


I am just caveman, ignorant you all and your advanced techonology. My mental capacity is far too inferior, making me unable to post digital photographs in reference to what "rocks my world". Nevertheless, I shall try to write some coherent ideas.


This was mentioned before, but the show is so entertaining that I had to mention it again. A very interesting show, a fantastic lead actor in Michael C. Hall, and plenty of what I like to call the "What The Fuck?!?!?, but in a good way" factor

"Transformers" on DVD

I know people out there criticized the movie. It took too long to get going, too much human element, and Michael Bay directing and doing Michael Bay things (shot way too tight, no choreography,etc). While all true, those arguments are easily offset by this- THERE'S GIANT ROBOTS IN A LIVE ACTION MOVIE! Case closed. Goodbye, good night, drive home safely.

Lacrosse Balls

I just picked some up to do some soft tissue work. I've been using tennis balls, but I wanted to step it up a little bit. The tennis balls also slid around on the walls at my gym, so I figure the lacrosse balls won't do that.

And boy do they work. When I rolled over my super tight levator scapulae, it sounds like I'm plucking a guitar string. These will get me feeling better quicker than a soft fuzzy little ball.


I about fell out of my chair at the Transformers entry, Doug. Rather than critique the movie, I just tend to enjoy them for the escapist aspect. And for that one, it gets no truer than what you boiled it down to.


I read The Know-It-All and thought it was an awesome, fun read. I'll be picking this one up soon.


One of my favs, hands down.


Lol Nate, I thought that most T-Men despise Men's Health and consider it a magazine for bull queers.

But hey, that's cool - it doesn't matter about the origin of information, as long as the content is useful in the real world.


More than Abita?



There is nothing at all wrong with Men's Health. I don't see why people here try to bash it. I would like to think that most of the readers here are a little too advanced for it and are not the target audience, but sadly I don't think it's true. There's a lot of readers here that could use a subscription.


When people like Dan John, Mike Boyle, Alwyn Cosgrove, Bill Hartman, Mike Robertson, Dos Remedios (and me!) contribute to MH, you know it can't be that bad.

When people like Jason Ferruggia, Eric Cressey, and Joel Marion contribute to Men's Fitness, you know it can't be that bad, either!

The fact they all gather here and share isn't that bad at all!




More than Abita. Don't get me wrong, I like Abita beers, but Rogue's Dead Guy Ale trumps many of the other beers I drink.


Exactly. I've subscribed to Men's Health now for a couple of years and just started a Men's Fitness subscription (they have a new Editor-In-Chief that has a strong sports journalism background, and the articles have improved since he's taken the job).

Men's Health in particular, does a great job with its feature/profile pieces. Even though some issues have less info on training than others, there's always at least 1 article that stands out and is a quality read. You can't ask for much more than that.


I was at B n N yesterday and was about to buy it, but put it back, maybe ill go back.


I can't stop listening to Mac Lethal's CD, 11:11.