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Atomic Dog- Photo play

Haha man, that “Photo Play” edition of Atomic dog this week was great! I laughed my ass off! Definitely do another edition of that sometime soon! :slight_smile:


That’s a favorite of mine too. Did you catch the last couple? Check previous issues. That’s the third one I think.

Oh My bad, I guess I didn’t seem them before! Thanx!

T.C. You out did yourself this time. What a frigging hardass! Great sense of humor. I love it! You fucking pinhead hahaha!

Good stuff. I also wanted to thank Nate Dogg for his addition to the reader’s mail. Did you happen to find out if either of those two enjoy your expertise is bearded clam diving?

Thanks guys! Every time I do a “Photo Play,” I think to myself, “Oh man, this one’s really gonna’ bomb,” so I appreciate the feedback.