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Atomic Dog on a Thursday



My friend in my Finite Element class will rejoice because that’s when I read the daily T-Nation articles, and he loves when there’s delicious eye candy (in Contreras’ Advanced Glute Training article, he almost exploded with all the Jamie Eason ass-shots…). If there’s one thing that TC loves, it’s Tara Babcock, so my friend should be very satisfied.

yeah second week in a row now.

I kind of thought it fit better on a friday but whatever as long it still gets posted.

I like it better on friday unless there is a reason to this madness.

I"ve been reading this website for five years now and the Friday Atomic Dog article was just about the only thing constant in my life … now I don’t even have that … WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO!!!

that’s one way to react, but here’s what I really think

The quality of the Atomic Dogs range from decent, to good, to down right awesome. The last I’ve actually printed out and posted in my gym in the locker rooms and, when I was in the AF, on the bulletin board at work.

I really couldn’t give a fuck less what day they come out on, I’ll read it tomorrow and it comes out on a Friday for me :slight_smile:

I’m just glad it’s back! I’ll take it Thursday or Friday or hell even Monday if that’s when we’ll get it.