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Atomic Dog #156

Exactly what is a “buff puff”?

Its a little face scrubber for teenagers with acne!

I was wondering how long it would take for someone to ask! Nahh, it’s not a face scrubber for acne, but that’s close. It’s one of those combination loofah-mosquitoe netting things you use in the shower to wash yourself. Sort of takes the place of a washcloth. Very manly. Yessir, very-very manly.

My buff puff is pink. Sends my T levels soaring through the roof!

TC FOR PRESIDENT. I swear that was one of the best atomic dogs ever. TC - I keep thinking you will run out of fresh angles and topics and you keep surprising me pretty much every week of the year - and you keep me thinking and reevaluating where I am mentally when all I really intended to do was “get swole” without any balance. The direction of the last two was so inspired - im sure that if a persons contribution in life was measured in cars you would have a Diablo for every Atomic Dog. And if you compiled them into a book entitled “Booty for Life”, or even did a detailed “being a man/positive thinking book”, Id be first in line to buy it.

Mine is pastel blue. i use it with my sun ripened rasberry body wash.

I just use one of those wire bristled brushes. Helps keep me all exfoliated and stuff

I saw a black Buff Puff with a yellow string at the store. Made me think of T - mag.

T-mag has already got T-shirts, posters, and cool desktops. Why not make a kick ass T-mag buff puff?

I have an orange one and a turquoise one - his and hers.

Thanks, Dre! I’m blushing, or is that just irritated skin from my brand spanking new buff puff?