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Atomic Bomb Training

I’ve been toying with a routine for a while. To my knowledge I am the one that made this, but who knows, someone might of thought of it before, but I gave it a sick ass name, so I claim it.

The basis of this workout is to start out your day with compound exercises, then move into circuit training, then isolation. Kind of like a downward slope. Here is an example.

Day 1 -

Compound (Not SS)
Back Squat (4x8)
DB Clean and Press (4x8)
60 second break between each set

Circuit (Depending on what muscle group you want to target)
Shoulders for example -
Military Press
Arnold Press
BB power Shrugs
(3x6 moving through them as quickly as possible)
90 second break after all 3, repeat

Lat raise (1x100)
Inverted Krane (3x10)

So basically you do whatever compound exercise(s) you want for the day and then choose a muscle group, like chest, tri, bi, shoulders, legs, whatever, and do a circuit, and then isolate. Try it out, its pretty tough.